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How many protestors do you need to change a lightbulb?

Trick question. Protestors don't change anything.

Ugly scenes

Ugly scenes in centre of Leicester this evening

An 'anti Trump' protestor threw a traffic cone, narrowly missing US President by 5802 miles

Some protestors are breaking into congress

I hear it is a capitol offense

Protestor joke, Some protestors are breaking into congress

What do protestors and people with big noses have in common?

They both know how to picket.

A protestor walks into a bar

Or so the police claim.

Anti gay protestor: sodomy makes Jesus cry

Counter protesters: sounds like Jesus isn't using enough lube...

A protestor wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt walks into a bar

The bartender asks what will you have. The protestor replies only ice . The bartender looks at him with a very confused look and says sorry did you say you only wanted ice? The protester says that's right - just ice.

Protestor joke, A protestor wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt walks into a bar

You what's the best thing about being an Antifa protestor?

You never have to take off work to go to a protest

A protestor shouted, "Trump will make America worse for Gays, Jews, Blacks, Muslims, and Latinos!" A Trump supporter shouted back, "That's not true..."

"...he won't make it worse for Jews!"

How many cops does it take to tackle a 120 pound female protestor?

All of them

A protestor saw me in London today and decided to throw a squeezy bottle of mayo at me...

... I yelled at him "What the Hell-Man!!!"

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Why did the protestors start throwing bread?

Because they wanted to rye it.

Why were there so many protestors in CA this weekend?

Because they were able to turn all that new water into whine.

What were the protestors outside Erin Andrew's court house shouting today?

White Nudes Matter!

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