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Best Short Protein Powder Jokes

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  1. Forgot to bring my protein powder to the gym today Guess I should've prepared whey in advance
  2. TIFU by trying to be witty at the airport... The TSA confiscated my protein powder asking "Are you planning on building any bombs with this substance?"
    I replied "No, only guns."
  3. Bodybuilder 1 says to bodybuilder 2 "hey man, I think we're out of protein powder" bodybuilder 2 responds "No whey!!"
  4. What did the bodybuilder say when he saw the store had sold out of protein powder? No whey!
  5. My really jacked friend shockingly ran out of protein powder today. He told me and I was like, No Whey
  6. My brother and I ran out of protein powder. I turned to him and said, "no whey....."
    (true story)
  7. The lesser-known fourth Wise Man brought baby Jesus the gift of protein powder. It was a whey in a manger.
  8. Why was the protein powder maker never satisfied with his work? He always kept looking for new wheys to improve
  9. My roommate seemed like he was in denial when I told him I spilled all his protein powder... ...he just kept saying "no whey, no whey"
  10. I had a falling out with my friend over a protein powder We decided to go our separate wheys

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Protein Powder One Liners

Which protein powder one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with protein powder? I can suggest the ones about whey protein and protein.

  1. Gym bro #1: "Bro, we're out of protein powder." Gym bro #2: "No whey..."
  2. What did the body builder say when he ran out of protein powder? "No whey"
  3. My uncle recently overdosed on protein powder What a whey to go
  4. My nutrition store ran out of protein powder today I was like no whey !
  5. I can't buy any protein powder Because it's whey out of my budget!
  6. I found a spider in my protein powder today I politely asked him to get out of my whey.
  7. What do call a Hispanic fella that ran out of protein powder? No-whey Jose.
  8. I can't believe plant-based protein powder exists There's no whey
  9. What happened to the body builder who lost their protein powder? They lost their whey
  10. This morning I told my wife we were out of protein powder. She replied..... No Whey
  11. The supplement store said they were out of protein powder... 'No Whey!' I said
  12. I'll never run out of protein powder There'd be no whey!
  13. My brother told me we ran out of protein powder I didn't believe him, so I said
    No Whey
  14. Would you believe my protein powder is dairy free? No whey!
  15. I want an after workout snack but forgot to get more protein powder. Oy whey

Protein Powder Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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What did the athletic trainer say to the body builder who was allergic to protein powder?

"No whey."

Is this whey too many jokes?

Joke 1: So two fitness junkies are chatting when one says to the other, "hey, what kind of supplements do you use?" The other respond by saying "I don't use any, bro!" Fitness j**... number one asks, "not even protein powder?" Fitness j**... number two then says "nope, none!" Fitness j**... number one, noticing the rather large muscles of fitness j**... number, responds in awe, "no whey..."
Joke 2: Nick Carter is walking through a GNC, looking to buy some whey powder. He sees two options, chocolate and strawberry, of which he prefers chocolate. As he makes his way to the jar of chocolate whey powder, somebody else comes out of nowhere and grabs the last one! Nick, defeated, grabs the strawberry powder, looks at his enemy, and says quietly: "I wanted... that whey"

Two buddies just got home from working out at the gym...

Guy 1: "Dude, were out of protein powder!"
Guy 2: "No Whey!"

What do you say to your Mexican friend when you don't have any of the protein powder he asked for?

"No whey Jose"

What do you say to an old woman with a jug of protein?

No one ma'am should have all that powder

My lifting buddy was shocked when I told him that we were out of protein powder.

He said "No whey!"
I'll be here all night.

A Hispanic man forgot to buy protein powder on his last trip to the grocery store.

Now he's no whey Jose.

What do you call it when you steal your roommates protein powder while s**...?

High Whey Robbery

My protein powder was made in the USA...

I reached in digging for the scoop cup and instead found a gun

What did the weight lifter say after he bought the wrong protein powder?

No whey.

The Mandalorian fell on hard times and had to take a job in a body building and health food shop. Turns out he was unexpectedly great at it and smashed the commission targets. He'd just direct people to the protein powder section, and say...

..."This is the whey"


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