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Funniest Protein Short Jokes

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  1. My friend told me about a wonder food that he discovered that contains protein, fiber, and good fats "That's nut!" I exclaimed.
  2. Han Solo's diet mainly consists of protein and fat... But he allows himself one carb a night.
  3. My girlfriend said we should experiment more in the bedroom This morning we synthesised a new protein chain
  4. I feel really bad for the Mexican Olympian disqualified from weightlifting for excessive use of protein. They told him, "No whey, José."
  5. Forgot to bring my protein powder to the gym today Guess I should've prepared whey in advance
  6. TIFU by trying to be witty at the airport... The TSA confiscated my protein powder asking "Are you planning on building any bombs with this substance?"
    I replied "No, only guns."
  7. My personal trainer told me to drink a protein shake everyday at 3 in the morning. But that's whey past my bedtime.
  8. A lettuce farm was busted by the FDA on suspicion of combining plant and human DNA to create a new protein hybrid. When they dug up the grounds the found human romaines.
  9. Why is it called a prion? Because "protein" got misspelled when it was folded the wrong way.
  10. Bodybuilder 1 says to bodybuilder 2 "hey man, I think we're out of protein powder" bodybuilder 2 responds "No whey!!"

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Protein One Liners

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  1. What do you call a mexican bodybuilder who runs out of protein? No Whey José.
  2. What are Mexican proteins made of? Amigo-acids
  3. What would you call a Muscular Arab? A Protein Sheikh
  4. What do you call a bodybuilder having a seizure? A protein shake
  5. What is the opposite of a protein? An amateur teen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. What do you call a mexican protein? Amigo Acid
  7. Gym bro #1: "Bro, we're out of protein powder." Gym bro #2: "No whey..."
  8. What did the body builder say when he ran out of protein powder? "No whey"
  9. What do you call an Arab man who drinks protein supplements? A Protein Sheikh....
  10. My uncle recently overdosed on protein powder What a whey to go
  11. What do you call a protein that has anger management issues? Amino acid!
  12. Why was the protein self-conscious? Because of how much it wheys
  13. Who is the strongest Arab in the world? The Protein Sheikh
  14. My nutrition store ran out of protein powder today I was like no whey !
  15. What did the bodybuilder shout when he found out he was out of protein? No whey!

Whey Protein Jokes

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  • What did the bodybuilder say when he saw the store had sold out of protein powder? No whey!
  • I can't buy any protein powder Because it's whey out of my budget!
  • What do bodybuilders say when they run out of protein? No whey!
  • My really jacked friend shockingly ran out of protein powder today. He told me and I was like, No Whey
  • Why would you get bigger if you ate a whole tub of protein every day? Because you ate whey too much
  • My brother and I ran out of protein powder. I turned to him and said, "no whey....."
    (true story)
  • The lesser-known fourth Wise Man brought baby Jesus the gift of protein powder. It was a whey in a manger.
  • I found a spider in my protein powder today I politely asked him to get out of my whey.
  • What did the body builder say when he was told protein shakes don't work? No whey!
  • Protein shakes are really expensive.... Whey expensive.

Protein Powder Jokes

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  • Why was the protein powder maker never satisfied with his work? He always kept looking for new wheys to improve
  • My roommate seemed like he was in denial when I told him I spilled all his protein powder... ...he just kept saying "no whey, no whey"
  • I had a falling out with my friend over a protein powder We decided to go our separate wheys
  • What do call a Hispanic fella that ran out of protein powder? No-whey Jose.
  • I can't believe plant-based protein powder exists There's no whey
  • What happened to the body builder who lost their protein powder? They lost their whey
  • This morning I told my wife we were out of protein powder. She replied..... No Whey
  • The supplement store said they were out of protein powder... 'No Whey!' I said
  • What do you say to an old woman with a jug of protein? No one ma'am should have all that powder
  • I'll never run out of protein powder There'd be no whey!
Protein joke, I'll never run out of protein powder

Protein Shake Jokes

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  • How do you know you're drinking too many protein shakes? You've had whey too much!
  • A bodybuilder drops his protein shake Everyone in the gym shouts "Wheyyyyy"
  • Why are protein shakes such loners? They're whey isolate.
  • Got up at 6am today. Did yoga. Had a protein shake. Ran six miles. Started lying about everything.
  • I saw someone spill a protein shake in the gym today Whey
  • I went through steak withdrawal last night... Worst protein shakes I've ever had.
  • What is a body builder's favorite dance move? The Protein Shake
  • Friend told me he buffed up without any protein shakes. No whey.
  • Two bodybuilders are having a conversation in h**.... Man 1: Hey dude, do you think there is anywhere down here where I could get a protein shake?
    Man 2: Dude, there's no whey in h**....
  • A Bodybuilder Enters h**... After a full day of hard labor, he asks Satan , "Hey man, is there somewhere I can get a protein shake around here?".
    Satan replies, " There's no whey in h**...!!! ".

Protein Folding Jokes

Here is a list of funny protein folding jokes and even better protein folding puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Why are proteins so bad at poker? They always fold.
  • I wish my laundry was more like protein... so it would fold itself!
Protein joke, I wish my laundry was more like protein...

Cheeky Protein Jokes that Will Make You and Your Friends Chuckle

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What should vegetarians eat for protein?


What's a Mexicans favorite protein?


Teacher asked us today, "What is the difference between a hormone and a protein?"

You can't hear a protein.
(Wait for it)

What's the hardest part about being a vegan?

finding enough protein to get the energy you need to tell everyone you have ever met that you are a vegan.

What is a Mexican bodybuilder's favorite supplement?

Güey protein.

What do you call a 12 year old protein?

A pretein

What do you call a muslim body builder?

A protein sheikh

What do you call a masculine Arab?

Protein Sheikh


No whey mate

I was going to use the new machine in the gym

But I found out it only sold protein bars

What's the difference between a slab of meat and someone who hates high school students?

One's protein, the other's anti-teen.

Two Mexican body builders

have devoted their lives to power-lifting and they just found out that certain protein supplements have become i**.... Just as one was about to sip on his protein shake, the other smacks it out of his hand and yells: "No whey, Jose!"

My brother told me we ran out of protein powder

I didn't believe him, so I said
No Whey

I tried to start up a Humanitarian movement...

Turns out not everyone is into such a high protein diet.

A bodybuilder told me he hates protein.

No whey!

What did the homeless Mexican bodybuilder say when he ran out of protein?

No whey, homes.

What is the top selling protein with Jewish People (May be offensive)


Why do bodybuilders get huge when they consume protein?

Because they eat whey too much

What do you say to your Mexican friend when you don't have any of the protein powder he asked for?

"No whey Jose"

Only Non-Vegans will get this


What do you call a young adult who's spectacularly good at what they do?


What do you call a meat knife?

A protein shank.

My lifting buddy was shocked when I told him that we were out of protein powder.

He said "No whey!"
I'll be here all night.

What do you call a gay blood protein?


Would you believe my protein powder is dairy free?

No whey!

Does anyone believe the bodybuilder who claims he never used protein suppliments?

No whey.

What do you call it when you steal your roommates protein powder while s**...?

High Whey Robbery

What did the crippled protein say to the other protein?

I just got out of the ER man, it was pretty rough.

How do you make a protein?

You link amino acids together.
How do you make an enzyme?
You wrap proteins together.
How do you make a hormone?
You give me your mother for an hour.

I don't understand this recent trend where everyone seems to be obsessed with protein.

I'm way more into amateur teen.

Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup!

Calm down sir, it's the near future and insects are our only sustainable protein source.
(cautionary joke)

What did the chemist say about the protein that talked back?

What a-mean-o acid!

Did you hear about the arabian body builder who built a business empire?

They called him the protein sheikh

A disordered protein is found brutally murdered. It looks like just another random robbery gone wrong.

A cop looks at the scene and laments:
"It's a crime without motif"

what do you call it when you use milk to make protein drinks?


What's the difference between a hormone and any other protein?

My fingers can't make any other protein.

after reading W.H.O meat report a patient passed away

doctors said he had whey too much protein in his body.

My friend told me he can't drink milk. I asked him if he is lactose intolerant. He said he is actually allergic to the milk protein.

I said No whey!

First I put in two tablespoons of fresh chopped basil. Then six or so grapes. Then half a banana. A little orange juice concentrate. Then some Metaright high protein paste.

Then she says "Letting you play with my a**... was a mistake."

The Mandalorian fell on hard times and had to take a job in a body building and health food shop. Turns out he was unexpectedly great at it and smashed the commission targets. He'd just direct people to the protein powder section, and say...

..."This is the whey"


Protein joke, The Mandalorian fell on hard times and had to take a job in a body building and health food shop. Tu

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