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What is 1 + 1?

3 if you don't use protection.

How do you protect yourself from gamma rays and x-rays?

You don't bomb pearl harbor.

To all the dude's who didn't use protection this weekend

Happy Father's Day!

Self Protection with heavy Flirt :-

Teacher :- Why are u sleeping in the class ?
Student :- Your voice is so sweet thats why i am getting sleep .
Teacher : - Then why other students are not sleeping ?
Student :- They aren't listening to u mam ...........

Why should you always use protection when having sex at sea?

So you don't get mermaids.

I've protected my laptop by placing several alcoholic fruity beverages on top of it.

I guess I misunderstood when people told me to focus on cider security.

How do you protect yourself from ghosts?

Hide in the living room.

Protec joke, How do you protect yourself from ghosts?

How do you protect your teeth from entering the fourth dimension?

You get transcendental insurance.

For protection, my friend used bandages during sex.

Now he has band-aids.

The best way to protect yourself from grizzly bears is to wear bells and carry pepper spray

Next you need to be able to identify their feces, it has little bells in it and smells like pepper.

Did you use protection?

Friend: dude, me and (Muslim girl) hooked up last night

Me: nice, did you use protection?

Friend: you know me, I always use condoms

Me: no, I meant a bomb suit

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Hitler, he atac, he protec, but most importantly...

He ate a poisonous tic tac.

Despite using protection, why did the Pope get pregnant?

His condom was holy

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