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You are what you think you are

Her: What do you do?

Me: Global prosthetics distribution.

Her: So you're an artificial limb salesman?

Me: I prefer 'international arms dealer'.

Look Ma! No hands!

Dammit Jimmy those prosthetics were expensive!

What do you call someone who sells prosthetics to the military?

An arms dealer.

Prosthetics joke, What do you call someone who sells prosthetics to the military?

I sell prosthetics to midgets who are amputees...

I'm a small arms dealer.

What do you call a person who sells prosthetics and guns?

An arms dealer

I sell prosthetics for children...

I'm a small arms dealer

Where do amputees get prosthetics on a budget?

The Secondhand store.

Prosthetics joke, Where do amputees get prosthetics on a budget?

My used store for prosthetics will be called

The Second Hand, Second Hand Store

What do you call trendy internal prosthetics?

Hip implants

A wealthy woman had lost her right hand and left foot in a car accident.

Her doctor told her that he would have her new prosthetics ready the next day. She sent her servant to go pick them up from the hospital. The servant was a couple hours early. The servant waited on her hand and foot.

I heard about this place that replaces your limbs with prosthetics...

But it'll cost you an arm and a leg!

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Not sure about this new job offer for prosthetics sales representatives...

I don't want to be involved in arms dealing.

Prosthetics are so expensive...

They cost me an arm and a leg

I want to start selling arm prosthetics globally

Because then I'll be an international arms dealer.

What did the man with no legs say at a prosthetics fundraiser?

"Finally, a cause I can stand for!"


Did you hear about the amputee who escaped the hospital after being fitted with his prosthetics?

You might want to watch out. News reports claim that he is armed and dangerous

Prosthetics joke, Did you hear about the amputee who escaped the hospital after being fitted with his prosthetics?

I thought about buying prosthetics...

but I found out it would cost me an arm and a leg.

Why was the CEO of a leading prosthetics company arrested?

It came out that he was involved in international arms dealing.

What does prosthetics engineers do?

They give orthopedic doctors a hand.

A guy who had lost his legs in an accident just got his prosthetics attached and was being taught how to walk again

He received constructive feetback.

A pirate walks into a Brothel

He has a fettish for girls with prosthetics so he asks the Madam if any are working.

The madam replies "yes, but they're all into pegging."

So I picked up a couple prosthetics for cheap at the thrift store

They were second-hand

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