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A man is at a doctor's office about to have his prostate checked.

The doctor says "Okay, Steve, let's not get an erection again during the procedure." The man looks at the doctor confused, and says "My name isn't Steve, it's Dave." The doctor says "I know. I'm Steve."

I went to the doctor today...

He had me take off my clothes and put on a gown so he could complete a full physical. I was worried I would be receiving a prostate exam. Anyways, he walked back in and had me pull my gown up for the ole turn your head and cough check. When I did he took one look at me and said, "Very interesting....You have got to stop masturbating." I asked why, he said, "Because I'm trying to examine you."

I asked my doctor to use 2 fingers when checking my prostate..

I wanted a second opinion.

My doctor checked my prostate last week

It was the worst dentist appointment of my life.

I had my prostate checked the other day...

He said, "Bad news. You are going have to stop masturbating."

"What?... Permanently?..."

"No. Just while I am examining you."

I went to see my doctor to get my prostate checked.

He gave me the thumbs up.

Prostate exam

Patient bent over naked about to get his prostate checked.
Dr says "ok Dave don't get a hard on "
Patient says " my name is Kenneth"
Dr says " my name is DAVE"

Two guys sitting in a doctor's office waiting room....

First guy says to second guy:

"I ...I...I...I'm hhhhh... hear ....fffffff...for my stttut...stutttering ppp,ppp, problem. Yyyy, you?"

Second guy says:

"I'm here because I have a swollen prostate, gonna get it checked"

First guy says:

"wwwww, what hhhhh, hhhappens wwwheeen y, yoour, ppppp, pprostate swelll, swells?

Second guys says:

"well, basically, I pee like you talk"

The year is 2017.

There are machines which can look through skin and see bones. There are machines which keep you alive when your brain and heart have stopped. There's even a machine that can tell you who your parents are with a single drop of spit. However, when I need my prostate checking, a man sticks his finger up my arsehole and wriggles it about a bit.

The doctor who checked my prostate looked like he spent five days a week at the gym. So I asked him what the weather was going to do...

...he was clearly a meaty urologist.

Just had my first ever prostate check. My doctor said it's called a digital rectal exam.

Felt more like it was anal-og to me though.

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I have the best proctologist.

He's able to massage my shoulders and check my prostate at the same time.

Went to my doctor today for a check up and afterwards he told me my prostate was in peak physical condition....

I thought it was a strange thing for a dermatologist to say but hey good to know

Check up time.

I've just been for my 6 month check up and everything seem to be going well until he slipped his finger in to check my prostate. I will not be using that dental practise again.

That uncomfortable feeling when...

You're at the doctors office getting your prostate checked and notice both of the doctor's hands on the table next to yours.

My doctor always insists on checking my prostate.

Which is weird because he's a psychiatrist.

I don't need to pay the doctor for a prostate check up

My uncle did it for free

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