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What face does a Syrian make when he has a bad day?

Assad one.

On a side note, I hope prosperity upon all the Syrians who have been displaced.


A black guy, a Jew, a Mexican, and a racist white Southerner are waiting at a bus stop...

...when all of a sudden a genie comes along. He says, "Well, we've got some time before the bus comes so why don't I grant you all one wish."

So the Jew pipes up and says, "My one true wish is that all of my people be able to live in peace together in Israel." The genie snaps his fingers, and BAM! Done.

Next the Mexican says, "Really I wish that all of my people can live in prosperity in Mexico." Again the genie snaps his fingers, and BAM! Wish fulfilled.

Next the black guy says, "My wish is that all black people be able to live together in peace and prosperity in Africa." Again the genie snaps his fingers, and BAM! All the black people go to Africa.

Finally the genie turns to the white Southerner and asks him for his wish. "Let me get this straight," the Southerner says, "all the Jews are in Israel, all the Mexicans are in Mexico, and all the blacks are in Africa? Shit, I think I'll have a Coke."


Gorbachev, Reagan, and Thatcher all meet God.

God says "I'll answer one question from each of you."

Reagan asks "How long will it be before the American people are happy, healthy, and living in prosperity?"

God replies "50 years."

Reagan starts to weep, and says "I won't live long enough to see it!"

Thatcher says "What about the British people? How long until they're all happy?"

God says "100 years."

Thatcher starts to weep as well, saying "I won't live long enough to see it!"

Gorbachev asks "What about the Soviet people?"

God starts to weep, and says "I won't live long enough to see it!"


So God's busy making the world...

and Angel Gabriel passes by.

God says, "Look angel Gabriel! Look! I am making a precious land called Israel. It will be full of oil, it shall be fertile, and it shall be the promised land. I am making a chosen people to inhabit it. They shall be called the Jews!"

Angel Gabriel looks at God and says, "God, don't you think you're giving one group of people, these Jews, too much prosperity?"

God replies, "Oh, don't worry. I'm going to cancel it out with the neighbors that I'll give them."


Only 20's kids will get this...

Economic prosperity.


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