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Are you a fan of gold prospecting jokes? Read this article to get a laugh out of some of Macgregor's classic gold prospector jokes! Find out what happened when he went looking for a nugget in the wild West, and more cowboy-related hilarity.

Heartwarming Prospector Jokes that Make You Laugh

Why did the non-binary prospector move West in 1849?

Because there was gold up in them/their hills.

Did you hear the one about the non binary gold prospector

They dug a fortune out of them/their hills.

Why did the non-binary prospector travel West in 1849?

Because there's gold in them/their hills

Did you hear about the non-binary gold prospector?

They dug up a fortune in them/their hills.

Why did the non-binary prospector go out west?

Because there was gold in them/their hills.

How do you know a gold prospector is non-binary?

He says that there is gold in them/their hills

Why did the non-binary prospector go to San Francisco in 1849?

'Cause there was gold in them/their hills!

What did the prospector say about his more successful, non-binary neighbor?

There's gold in them/their hills!

Did you hear about the old prospector who accidentally swallowed a gold nugget?

I saw him digging through is feces, so I asked him what he was doing. He said he was just mining his own business.

What did the prospector say the the zombie rappers?

"There's mold in them there grills"

I wanted to be a gold prospector....

But in the end it didn't pan out.

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What did the gold prospector say when he saw bits of silver in his pan?

weird flecks, but okay.

What is the difference between a prospector and a paedophile?

Prospectors mine for treasure, but paedophiles treasure minor's.

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