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  1. Came up with this joke this morning in the shower. I took a tour of a prison for poets, at the end the warden asked what I thought of it. I said it has its prose and cons.
  2. I'm considering taking a position to translate old Mongolian poetry The job has its prose and Khans
  3. I'm considering taking a position translating old Mongolian poetry. The jobs has its prose and Khans.
    Happy cake day to me!
  4. I'm starting a club that discusses the good and bad parts of poetry in prison. It's called "Prose and Cons"
  5. My husband doesn't like my new job as a librarian in the prison. He says it has more cons than prose
  6. I started a poetry club at the prison I work at. It's great for the inmates, but does mean I have to stay late with no extra pay It's got prose and cons.
  7. Why is it a good idea to put more books in prison libraries? Because the prose outweigh the cons.
  8. Recently I've started teaching a poetry class in a maximum security prison. It's a tough job but I enjoy it. It really has it's prose and cons.
  9. I've been thinking about starting a community outreach program to teach inmates about literature... I'm still considering all of the prose and cons.
  10. I have been weighing the pros and cons about reading poetry to prisoners. Pros: prose
    Cons: cons

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  1. I just got a new job at a prison library. It has its prose and cons.
  2. Why was the prison poetry slam cancelled? There were more cons than prose
  3. What do you call a writing club in prison? Prose and Cons
  4. I have started teaching a poetry class at my local jail It's called prose and cons
  5. I started a book club in prison It's called prose and cons.
  6. I started a literacy program for inmates. There's been some prose and cons.
  7. I've started running poetry nights at the local prison. It has its prose and cons
  8. I'm compiling a book of poems by felons. I'm going to call it "Prose and Cons".
  9. I wrote down what I thought about mongolian poetry It has its prose and its Khans
  10. I'm ambivalent about Mongolian literature. It has its prose and Khans.
  11. Should there be more books in prison? I think the cons outweigh the prose.
  12. I'm writing a book about poets who have been jailed It's called prose and cons
  13. Is it a good idea for prisons to have story-writing classes? Eh, there are prose and cons
  14. What do you call an amateur sports team made up entirely of poets? semi-prose
  15. What's another name for a ghost writer? A prose-titute.

Prose joke, What's another name for a ghost writer?

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As a volunteer, I taught a seminar on how to write persuasive speeches at my local prison.

I titled the course: "Prose and Cons".

Why did Shakespeare break up with his girlfriend?

Prose before h**....

I should stay up until 3 in the morning more often

I want to make a show with the two actors who have played Khan in the different Star Trek films where we discuss literature. We will call it "Prose and Khans".

I asked my friend about his time in prison.

"I have mixed feelings. On one hand I was surrounded by the worst society had to offer. I shared cells with thieves, murderers, and rapists. On the other hand the prison library was filled with the best collection of literature that I've ever seen. I don't know. It has its prose and cons."

Why are programmers so good at poetry?

Well, all words rhyme in binary.

I run a rehabilitation program where we get prison inmates to write poetry to help them cope with their emotions.

I call it:
Prose and Cons

When you'd rather read a book than date a girl ...

it's prose over h**....

I just finished reading a book by a group of amateur poets...

The poems aren't bad, but you can tell they're not prose.

"The prosecutor says she can produce five witnesses who saw you running from the bank with money bags in your hands"

"The prosecutor says she can produce five witnesses who saw you running from the bank with money bags in your hands" a defense lawyer confided in his client.
"That's nothing," the client replied, ""I can produce five hundred witnesses who didn't see me running from the bank with money bags in my hands"

I held a creative writing seminar at a women's prison last month

How did it go? Well, it had its prose and cons.

There was a firefighter who always recited a poetry verse before extinguishing a blaze.

He was a real prose before hose kinda guy.

Been thinking about starting a program to rehabilitate felons through the power of writing

So I've been considering all the prose and cons.

A man is deciding whether to become a novelist or a career criminal

You could say he's weighing the prose and cons

A prison did a study on inmate morale by building them a fully accessible library

**It had its prose and cons.**
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Prose joke, What do you call a writing club in prison?

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