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A Guy Proposing To His GF...

She interrupted him and said: but I have one flaw you should be aware of: I fart alot! Like a lot!
He giggled and said it's alright I have a problem with my nose too, I can't smell that well.

After three days of them living together ,
The guy is opening the windows of the apartment,
And the wife is crying and shouting YOU LIED TO ME, YOU CAN SMELL!,
The guy responded: no I didn't but it is getting hard to walk around here! my eyes are burning!


My friend is old fashioned. Before proposing to his girlfriend, he asked her father.

But he was already married.


One of the worst things that can happen when you're proposing to the girl of your dreams is

your bloody alarm going off


A poem I read to my gf while proposing

Roses are Red

Today is the Day

Plot Twist

I'm Gay


I dumped my girlfriend in a restaurant

She started crying and people thought I was proposing so everyone clapped.


What did Martin Luther King say to his wife while proposing?

Will you be my Martin Luther Queen?


My best friend was talking to me about proposing to his girlfriend.

I'm not sure though, she's not really my type.


This Valentine's Day, I'm proposing by giving my gf a statue I made by mixing clay with my own jizz.

I think it'll really sement the deal.


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