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I'm sick of my wife blowing everything out of proportion.

She's single handedly ruining my balloon animal business.

Got head from a Midget last night...

I guess you could say I was blown out of proportion...

I've been thinking recently that unfaithful women are condemned way beyond proportion.

Begone, thought.

The only thing my girl friend blows

Is everything out of proportion

You know what I hate about terrorists the most?

They blow everything out of proportion.

The more I hear about inverse proportion

the less I like it.

Why did the atom stick around?

Cuz if he split, the situation would have gotten blown out of proportion.

Proportion joke, Why did the atom stick around?

A guy walks into a bar

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "I'm sick and tired of my wife blowing everything out of proportion," he complains to the bartender. "She's single handedly ruining my balloon animal business."

I've been accused of lying about how much snot comes out of my nose when I sneeze.

They always say I'm blowing it out of proportion

Feminists are like proximity mines.

Anything can trigger them and they blow it way out of proportion.

What happened to the muslim critic?

He blew everything out of proportion!

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Apparently there's a big scandal about an NBA player getting oral sex from a midget...

but it was blown way out of proportion.

Why does Islam get angry if you criticize their religion?

Im not sure they always seem to blow things up out of proportion.

There's a high proportion of people with ASD in scientific fields.

Autism causes vaccines.

Terrorists have been saying they'll horizontally expand images of their foes.

The threat is being blown out of proportion.

The controversy surrounding Donald Trump and the Russian hacking of American voting machines is being blown way out of proportion...

who cares if Putin voted for him.

Proportion joke, The controversy surrounding Donald Trump and the Russian hacking of American voting machines is bein

What do you say to a fan that's overreacting?


Whenever I use a racist stereotype, it's blown out of proportion.

Just like all the Muslims in the world.

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