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What do you call a 58 year old man that has sex with a 9 year old girl?

The Prophet Muhammad.

Why did the Red Cross not allow Jesus and Muhammad to volunteer?

It's a non-prophet organization.

I've started a business crafting small figurines of Muhammad.

It's making little prophets.

I started a figurine company that specializes in miniature Muhammad statues

We make a small prophet.

I just started volunteering at this place called Muhammad's Bakery.

It's a naan prophet organization.

Why did Muhammad hire Moses to help with his start-up?

He wanted to double his prophets.

An Afghan villager is walking down a road with his wife ahead of him a few steps.

He meets his fellow villager going the opposite way.

He says, "Ahmed, Prophet Muhammad would never let his wife walk ahead of him."

The first villager replies, "Well, at the time of the Prophet there were no minefields."

A priest, a rabbi, and the Holy Prophet Muhammad walk into a bar.

The Prophet Muhammad beheads the priest and the rabbi, and burns down the bar.

1. Muhammad

2\. (Peace be upon him)

3\. Prophet????

How did Prophet Muhammad split the moon?

By revealing his butt-crack.

I recently bought a teddy bear named Muhammad...

for $10. And a week later, sold it for $20. The question is, did I make a Prophet?

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What did the Prophet Muhammad call his baby sheep?


Why did Muhammad cross the road?

You should not question the prophet's motives infidel!

What does an atheist call the meeting of Muhammad, Moses, and Joseph Smith?

A non-prophet organization

How many verses did the Prophet Muhammad write?


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