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A man was trying to subdivide a large piece of property he owned in Manhattan.

But no matter how many ways he tried, he was unable to split it up into any number of equal sized parcels. He asked a realtor if she could help, but the realtor said there was simply no way to do it.
The problem, she said, is that's a piece of prime real estate.

Why did bill nye c**... his car?

Because inertia is a property of matter.

Gun rights

Fix this joke:
A blonde was getting heated arguing with her brunette friend. Her friend was trying to stay calm as she explained the importance of gun rights for personal and property protection.
"That's all anyone talks about, gun rights, gun rights, gun rights. All I'm saying is that gun lefts matter too!" Says the blonde.
The brunette finally loses her temper and says, "Now what the h**... is a gun left!?!"
The blonde freezes for a moment before quietly saying, "I don't even know because no one ever talks about them and I've never thought to look them up."

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