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Comical & Quirky Propane Jokes for a Roaring Good Time

A man is falling out of a plane.

A man is falling out of a plane, intending to go parachuting. He pulls the ripcord, and it breaks.

Okay, he thinks. That's why there's a backup. He pulls the backup ripcord, and... It breaks.

At this point, he's thoroughly worried. But then, he sees a guy flying up right at him, as though propelled by an explosion.


"NO!" Replies the propelled man. "DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PROPANE GRILLS?"


I burned myself on a cup of coffee earlier… was amateur pain. However I burnt myself on my grill not too long after that… was propane.

You are either anti-pain or …


Why did the gas station put propane in the gas tanks?

April fuels!

What do natural gas and sadists have in common?

They're both propane.

Fast Thinker

Guy's first time parachuting... yada yada chute fails, reserve fails. He's falling. But he sees a speck coming up toward him, faster than he's falling. He realizes it's a guy and figuring he has nothing to lose, he yells,
"Hey do you know anything about parachutes?"
and as they pass the other guy yells back,
"Sorry man, I don't . Do you know anything about propane BBQs?"

How would you describe Hank Hill if he was actually a window salesman?


Hey guys I'm throwing a propane tank off my roof

Why are LPG cars so often banned from parking?

Because they are too propane.

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