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What are a male donkey's pronouns?

He / haw

My uncle's joke he just came up with: What are chocolate's preferred pronouns?

Her, She

Is it just me

or are there other personal pronouns?

Pronouns joke, Is it just me

I sexually identify as Michael Jackson

My personal pronouns are he/hee

When I was a kid my English teacher looked my way and said, "name two pronouns."

I said, " who, me?"

I sexually identify as chocolate

My pronouns are Her-She

The Military recently announced the adoption of gender-neutral pronouns for all members.

Members will be allowed to choose from three options:

* Cannon-fodder
* Expendable
* Dead

Pronouns joke, The Military recently announced the adoption of gender-neutral pronouns for all members.

Did you hear what Emma Watson's new pronouns are?

(Her, My & He)

I identify as an ambulance

My pronouns are wee/woo

What do you call someone who was dropped on their head as a baby?

Hard to say- every one of them has their own pronouns now.

I identify as Michael Jackson

My pronouns are he/hee

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I'm Jewish and Nonbinary.

My pronouns are oy/they.

Name two pronouns..

Who, me??

Eeyore recently changed genders...

His pronouns are he/haw.

My high school English teacher was so mean!

She would walk around the classroom and stop to ask students random grammar questions. I remember this one time she was walking by my desk and she stopped, pointed at me and said "Quick, name 2 pronouns!"

Startled, I looked at her and replied "who, me?"

German pronouns are hard to learn

They're a real du Sie.

Pronouns joke, German pronouns are hard to learn

What are the pronouns for someone who identifies as an attack helicopter?


Politically correct

I identify as as a comedian
My pronouns are HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE

What pronouns does Rosemary like to go by?


What are Perry The Platypus' pronouns?

Do Be Do/Be Do Bah

What pronouns does a Chicagoan use to identify as non-binary?

Dey or dem

Why can't trans men enjoy chocolate?

It uses Hershey pronouns.

Teacher: Johnny, can you tell me 2 pronouns? There were two boys named Johnny so one of them says:

"Who? Me?"

Finally a correct answer Johnny..

I'm all for people, places, and things.

I guess you could say I am pronouns.

My grade school teacher said to me "Name two pronouns".

Only half paying attention to the lecture, I replied "Who, me?"

I ran into my old English teacher the other day. She asked me to name two pronouns.

I said "who, me?"

Why did the transgender teacher get angry with her students?

They were using the wrong pronouns.

I'm still learning my pronouns...

But that is neither here nor there.

I sexually identify as Michael Jackson

My pronouns are he/hee

A girl walks into a chocolate shop to buy a personalized box of chocolates.

The man at the counter says: What are your pronouns?

The girl says: Hershey.

I sexually identify as a giant.. pronouns are Fee, Fi, Fo, and Fum

Do people with multiple personalities prefer…

…to be referred to as plural pronouns or singular pronouns?

What do you say when someone asks you your preferred pronouns?

"See you never, bye, and goodbye!"

In the War of the Pronouns

It's us against them.

What are Michael Jackson's pronouns?


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