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What are a male donkey's pronouns?

He / haw

What are a trans parents pronouns


i sexually identify as a donkey

my pronouns are he/haw

My uncle's joke he just came up with: What are chocolate's preferred pronouns?

Her, She

What's chocolate's preferred pronouns?


I got an eye roll from the wife on this one. I guess that's the dad joke seal of approval.

Is it just me

or are there other personal pronouns?

Do you know what a chocolate's pronouns are?


Pronouns joke, Do you know what a chocolate's pronouns are?

I sexually identify as Michael Jackson

My personal pronouns are he/hee

When I was a kid my English teacher looked my way and said, "name two pronouns."

I said, " who, me?"

I sexually identify as chocolate

My pronouns are Her-She

What pronouns do Amber Heard's lawyers prefer?


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What are the preferred pronouns for a Witch

He He He

The Military recently announced the adoption of gender-neutral pronouns for all members.

Members will be allowed to choose from three options:

* Cannon-fodder
* Expendable
* Dead

I identify as a chocolate bar

My pronouns are her/shey

Did you hear what Emma Watson's new pronouns are?

(Her, My & He)

I identify as an ambulance

My pronouns are wee/woo

Pronouns joke, I identify as an ambulance

What do you call someone who was dropped on their head as a baby?

Hard to say- every one of them has their own pronouns now.

What pronouns do comedians use?


I identify as Michael Jackson

My pronouns are he/hee

What were Jesus Christ's pronouns?


What are Michael Jackson's preferred pronouns?


My 13 year old daughter just told me she identifies as Michael Jackson

And her pronouns are hee hee

I'm Jewish and Nonbinary.

My pronouns are oy/they.

I have begun identifying as a Michael Jackson impersonator

My pronouns are now hee/hee

Name two pronouns..

Who, me??

I am tired of keeping track of so many pronouns. Apparently now they have specific pronouns for Russian army....


Pronouns joke, I am tired of keeping track of so many pronouns. Apparently now they have specific pronouns for Russ

I identify as sarcastic.

My pronouns are har/har

What's a chocolate bars preferred pronouns?


I'm a cowboy but my pronouns are


I am so boring

my pronouns are ho/hum.

what is a male vampire's pronouns in the sunlight?


Whenever someone asks me my pronouns

I tell them I just get by with the amateur ones.

How does Michael Jackson say his pronouns?


Did you hear about the Donkey that changed it's gender pronouns?

They now prefer Hee/Haw

What are a chocolate kiss' preferred pronouns?


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