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If woman had apostrophes instead of periods, they'd be even more possessive and prone to contractions.

Women are like hex screws

The more damaged they are, the more prone to stripping they become.

So this nun is driving along...

... when suddenly a drunk staggers out into the road in front of her. She skids to a stop, gets out, and scolds him severely, making several derogatory remarks, and angrily lecturing him on how dangerous he was being. The drunk looks at her for a minute, then punches her in the face, knocking her out cold.

Standing over her prone form, the drunk grins triumphantly, and slurs out "Yeah! Not so tough now, are you Batman?".

Prone joke, So this nun is driving along...

Why are old printers so musical?

Because they are prone to jamming.

If you're over the age of 40 and prone to frequent trips to the bathroom, I've got bad news…

Urine trouble

Imagine a man, lying down...

... as men are prone to do

What do you call an orthodox jew that is prone to heartburn?


[My apologies]

Prone joke, What do you call an orthodox jew that is prone to heartburn?

What do you call an accident prone martial artist?

Bruise Lee

When Gandhi was on his first hunger strike

People would routinely bring him flattened bread in an attempt to get him to eat. What people don't understand though is that Gandhi was actually a very temperamental man, and prone to anger. So even when his friends and family were the ones bringing him bread, he would take it and hurl it at them, sometimes leaving bruises and welts. He justified it by saying it was all a part of his philosophy of naan-violence.

Last year 52 Americans were shot by people who barely speak english, have no marketable skills, and are prone to angry outburst based on their views...

...toddlers are the worst.

What animal is prone to both manic and depressive episodes?

A bipolar bear.

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If I like what you're saying I'll lie down right here...

I'm prone to agree

What do you call unintentional penetration while giving a back massage?

Accident Prone

If trans people are prone to commit suicide and they join the air-force...

The worst thing you can be is gullible

My friend told me that means you're prone to random attacks by seagulls

What Do You Call A Diary Prone To Burning?


Prone joke, What Do You Call A Diary Prone To Burning?

Studies have shown redheads tend to have poor dental health

Studies have shown redheads tend to have poor dental health.

They are more prone to gingervitis.

Now that a Tesla car is in space, Elon Musk made the space prone to disease.

It's no longer *auto*-immune.

Statistics show that people are most prone to Islamic radicalization at the ages of ....

16, 25, 36, 49, and 64 ....

There once was a family executor

There once was a family executor
Who was heavily prone to non sequitur
For the reading of the will
As the heirs all sat quite still

How did the trigonometry teacher, prone to waffling, commit suicide?

Before he went off on a tangent, he hanged himself with a hypote-noose.

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