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You know you're old when......

you can pronounce the names of your black peers.

Pronounced 'Dead' on arrival ... oops!

The soon to be new parents known as Mr. & Mrs. D. were so excited, as they were just about to give birth to their brand new daughter, whom they'd already decided to name Dea D..

Just a few minutes later, a healthy baby girl popped out but was unfortunately pronounced 'Dead' on arrival by the attending nurse who apparently had significant issues with letter spacing on medical charts.

How do you pronounce "nihilism?"

It doesn't matter

How do you pronounce the name Jkmn


P.S. I had to share that someone actually named their child this.

why isn't 11

pronounced onety one?

I can't help but pronounce A, E, I, O, and U very aggressivley.

I think I have irrititable vowel syndrome.

If pronouncing my b's as v's makes me sound Russian,

Then soviet.

Pron joke, If pronouncing my b's as v's makes me sound Russian,

How do you pronounce Maginot line in German?

You try to avoid it.

If 'womb' is pronounced as 'woom' and 'tomb, as' 'toom'

Shouldn't 'bomb' be pronounced 'boom'?

How do you pronounce oddly spelt Welsh words?


Name two pronouns..

Who, me??

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How do you pronounce "Aunt"?

"Ont", "Ant", or "Goldnt"?

Is it only me or?

is there any other pronoun used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition?

Do you pronounce it I-ther or EE-ther?


Is it pronounced jiff or giff?

Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight.

Some pronounce it as gif, others say gif but the correct way is actually


Pron joke, Some pronounce it as gif, others say gif but the correct way is actually

If pronouncing my b's as v's makes me sound like a commie

Then soviet

How do you pronounce nihilist? Like Ni-Hil-List? Or Nigh-Hill-Ist?

Never mind. It doesn't matter.

If we pronounce gif as "jif"

It should always be pronounced "Gif"

Unless you're a choosy mom. Choosy moms choose "Jif".

Is it pronounced either or either?

either way is fine

You should pronounce "gif" like the g in gigantic...

Or the "g" in "gullible".

If you pronounce GIF with the hard G..

Then how do you pronounce the country Niger?

How do you pronounce XXXTentacion?


How do you pronounce XXXTentaction?

According to all the news sources he is pronounced dead

If you don't know how to pronounce the "g" in "gif"...

it's pronounced just like the "g" in "gigantic"

Pron joke, If you don't know how to pronounce the "g" in "gif"...

Why do you only need to say 'q' when pronouncing 'queue'

Because they're waiting for their turn

To pronounce the word, Queue ,you only have to pronounce the letter Q because....

...All the other letter are waiting in line

How do you pronounce 'prosody'?

What pronouns would Michael Jackson use to describe himself?


What pronoun do you use to refer to Michael Jackson?


It's pronounced GIF...


Is either pronounced eye-ther or eee-ther?

It's either

Why don't Utahn's pronounce the letter T?

It's against the word of wisdom

How do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky? Louie-ville or Louis-ville?

It's Frankfort.

Why don't we pronounce k in knowledge

We haven't acknowledged it yet

I'll walk myself out

What pronouns does Rosemary like to go by?


It's pronounced school

Not shooting range

How do you pronounce neither. Is it neither or neither?


What is a pronoun?

Yes. It can also be an adverb.

What are the pronouns for someone who identifies as an attack helicopter?


I just can't pronounce `Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn`, but I'm trying to do better -

I just signed up for an online course called `Hooked on Cthonics`

What pronouns does a Chicagoan use to identify as non-binary?

Dey or dem

I only use one pronoun set.

You/people don't seem to appreciate it

Do you know what a chocolate's pronouns are?


What pronouns does Michael Jackson prefer?


What pronouns do Amber Heard's lawyers prefer?


What pronouns do comedians use?


My pronouns are Rare/Medium Rare.

And if you don't use these, my feelings and mental health is at steak...

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