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Barbies promote unrealistic expectations of women's bodies.

Women's heads are much harder to put back on in real life.

United should rebrand to Adrenaline...

Since they promote "fight or flight".

Your body is your temple is a really terrible proverb to promote chastity.

Literally anyone can come inside a temple.

In the interests of self care, and to promote healthier lifestyle choices for myself now that I'm single, each morning when I get up, I look myself in the mirror, and say the three little words I always used to say to my wife

"You're too fat"

Whats the difference between braces and homophobes?

There is none, they both promote being straight

In 2024 Al Gore decided to run for president again.

His campaign hinged on a song he made to promote the dangers of global warming. It was so popular it became a meme.

After a while, everyone was talking about Al Gore, and, sure enough he became President.

When asked on the News, "How do you think he won," two fallen YouTubers stated, "You can't beat the Al Gore Rhythm."

Hey guys I am making a group where we can share and promote smoking weed

We shall be called the Joint Forces

Promote joke, Hey guys I am making a group where we can share and promote smoking weed

My school are such hypocrites. They promote recycled paper themselves... but when I do it?

When I recycle papers, suddenly it's "plagiarism".

Reddit was planning to promote some food subreddits on the featured page.

One of the featured subreddits was supposed to be about chocolate fountains, but there was a big controversy, and they decided to find a replacement. A former substitute teacher who was fired from her job had started a subreddit about bar food.

The mods selected it as a replacement. The subpar sub's pub sub sub subbed superbly.

How do you sell a ship with a broken mast?

Promote a half-off sail.

I seek to promote the welfare of a certain baked dish.

I'm a flanthropist.

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You guys just buy into anything big pharma tells you don't you?

You guys just buy into anything big pharma tells you don't you? i'll have you know my son was diagnosed with the measles so I placed various crystals around his bed while he slept to promote the proper aura for healing.

He's dead now but at least he's not autistic

In order to promote progress I think the next session of congress should be sent to the moon.

I just feel that they would make a greater impact.

Rumor has it Hollywood is casting Idris Elba for a Lord of the Rings reboot to promote diversity.

Idris is playing the Tolkien Black Guy

I got promoted to the senior supervisor at the cheese factory.

I am now the greater grater grader.

How do they promote safe sex in Wales?

They put signs next to the sheep that kick

Promote joke, How do they promote safe sex in Wales?

I promote fairness all the time

I wonder why people call me racist?

My phone charger has been exposing its inner wires to promote its agenda.

It's a shameless plug.

I have a simple solution to promote higher education,

build taller schools.

What did the Ethiopian Government say when the United States sent over 1 million condoms to promote safe sex?

Thanks for the sleeping bags

I heard the mob are trying to promote illegal betting schemes around this year's Wimbledon...

It's a tennis racket!

'C' has just been promoted to the second letter of the alphabet!

However R & D believe the rise in C levels will result in a loss of B's.

I was trying to promote heavy policing in urban areas with a hip new logo you can post around your neighborhood...

"S.W.A.T. Stickas" didn't go over too well...

They're finally cracking down on Instagram pages that promote white-supremacy...

or as I like to call them: gram-crackers.

U2 hired a company to promote them but they didn't pay anything.

They were pro bono.

The Amish are starting to promote the use of condoms....

To help stop the spread of Abes.

Promote joke, The Amish are starting to promote the use of condoms....

How many feminists do you need to screw in a lightbulb?

None. Lightbulbs promote rape culture.

Why don't we organize a marathon to promote gender equality?

8km for men and 5km for women!

The Detroit Pistons have sold naming rights to a drugmaker to promote their new treatment for Petit Mal epilepsy.

Henceforth to be known as Little Seizures Arena

How many people does it take to start a YouTube channel

Usually a group, they each start a channel and promote each other

"I just don't think a complete free market would promote equality",

Atlas Shrugged

What did the Mexican carpeting salesman yell to promote his business?

Underlay! Underlay!

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