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Security Guard : "I'm sorry ma'am.But due to covid regulations, swimming in the hotel pool is prohibited"

Woman : " You could have warned me before I removed the clothes"

Security guard :" Well, there is no prohibition about that".

My great-grandfather started up an underground distillery during Prohibition

It was a whiskey business

What was the Jokers catchphrase during the prohibition?

We live in a sobriety

Why didn't they serve ghosts alcohol during the prohibition?

Because they didn't have any spirits.

Tom Cruise is making a movie about distilling moonshine during prohibition

It's called Whisky Business

Why is the French Revolution just like Prohibition?

They both got rid of Bourbon!

A bottle of beer enters a law-abiding bar during the prohibition era.

The bartender says: "We don't serve your kind here."

A speakeasy was a secret bar to drink alcohol during prohibition. What's the opposite of a speakeasy?

A stutter

The Prohibition was the best decision ever... none.

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