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Top 10 Funniest Profound Jokes and Puns

Two older male dolphins notice their hairlines are starting to recede.

Dolphins go bald, too. Tough for humans to notice, but dolphins notice... Anyway...

Understandably, they start getting a little down in the dumps recognizing the loss of their youth and feeling a profound sense of their own mortality.

In a moment of clarity, one dolphin says to his buddy, Hey compadre, we don't have to just *accept* this as our new normal, ya know? What with modern fashion and technology these days… we can *do* something about this!

So they went out and bought matching hairpieces. They were toupees in a pod.

Before my father kicked the bucket he asked me the most profound question...

He said "How far do you think I can kick this bucket?"

I think the most profound advice my father ever told me was...

"Stop using me in your bullshit stories."

Profound joke, I think the most profound advice my father ever told me was...

Why are monks always meditating and relaxed and full of profound thoughts and ideas?

Because they're single.

A dog told me something profound the other day

I don't know why but it really spoke to me

I was profoundly liberal before

I moved out and got a full-time job

What do you call a professional finer?


Profound joke, What do you call a professional finer?

"Every man marries his mother" would be a lot more profound

If all women weren't the same.

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