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If professionals make difficult tasks look easy, what do you call someone who makes easy tasks look difficult?

A coworker

What do you call two healthcare professionals hanging out?

A paramedics.

What do you call a group of medical professionals who navigate around the Horn of Africa without being accosted by pirates?

Doctors without boarders.

Professionals joke, What do you call a group of medical professionals who navigate around the Horn of Africa without bei

What kind of contractors do cannibals like?

Seasoned professionals

Did you hear about the cannibal who used a group of businessmen to make a batch of chili?

I guess he wanted seasoned professionals.

I have this problem where I hallucinate different types of health professionals,

So I'm seeing a psychologist

I want to form a law practice specializing in sexual harassment suits against medical professionals...

I'll call it "Doctors Without Boundaries"

Professionals joke, I want to form a law practice specializing in sexual harassment suits against medical professionals.

Why are IT professionals bad at being therapists?

Patient: I just have too many problems in my life.

IT professional: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Say what you will, but today's young professionals are the ones that will eventually find the cure for cancer. I can see the headlines now:

"Millennials Killed Cancer"

Yo momma soooo fat

she entered a fat contest and they said "sorry no professionals."

My new family doctor wrote me a prescription

... and I was able to read all of it perfectly, disappointed by how underqualified medical professionals are these days.

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My doctor called three times...

...just to tell me my astrology sign! And he wasn't even right! And they call themselves professionals .

I would never vaccinate my own child because of all the complications

Thats why I leave it to the certified medical professionals to do it.

Don't be afraid to do something new

Remember, the Noah's ark was built by an amateur and the Titanic by professionals.

I tried to enter the "the ugliest face" contest

The judges told me, "sorry, no professionals".

Yo mama is so ugly

Yo mama is so ugly she tried to enter an ugly contest, but they said, "Sorry, no professionals."

Professionals joke, Yo mama is so ugly


Let the doctors do it ;They're the professionals 😃.

I decided to treat my girlfriend, but she ended up dying...

Apparently "cancer" is best left to "medical professionals"

An old woman goes to a clinic

She runs some tests, then somehow the results are mistakenly mixed and she ends up with another woman's test results.
She takes it to the professionals and they confusedly tell her that the results show that she's pregnant.
She gets shocked by the news, freezes for a moment and then says
Sweet lord, you can't even trust a cucumber nowadays

Yo mama is so ugly, she went to an ugly competition

They said, "Sorry, no professionals."

It's time now America brought their retired professionals back to sort out this virus mess...

Like doctors, nurses, Barack Obama. ..

Your mum is so fat that when she entered an ugly contest they said, "sorry mam, but no professionals."

Unlicensed Proctologists

I heard on the news that some med school dropouts end up practicing proctology illegally. It's certainly frowned upon, but inevitably some unqualified professionals end up slipping through the cracks.

What do you call Counter Strike: Global Offensive Professionals?


Screw this! I'm going to leave the original joke making to the professionals!

Dane Cook...

Amy Schumer...

Carlos Mencia...

Only amateurs gain weight during the holidays

Us, professionals gain weight during the entire year.

When is the only time you don't see to many women in the kitchen

When the chiefs are highly paid professionals

What do you call professionals trolls?

Master baiters

When Professionals are out of commission, their replacements are called "Substitutes."

Guess there were some issues when they tried calling them "Prostitutes"

I just got 3 hours or oral work done by 2 professionals. All I had to do was lie there

It cost me $700, but it was worth it. No more cavities!

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Doctor: Come on, lots of medical professionals sleep with their patients

Wife: Dammit, John, you're a veterinarian!

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