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What did fruit loops say when launching their product to compete with cheerios?

Toucan play at that game

Apple wanted to launch a new product directed at children.

In retrospect, it was probably not the best idea to call it "iTouch Kids".

Actual conversation with Country Harvest about the launch of their new website.

Agent: Yeah so we're gonna need you to slice up those images and tag the categories.
Web Developer: Ok what about the products?
Agent: Put them in a box.
Web Developer: And the sub nav?
Agent: Yes, use breadcrumbs.
Web Developer: Ok great.
Agent: Let me know if any problems arise, we gotta get this wrapped up by this afternoon or we're toast!

Trump disinfectant joke

Cillit Bang to launch a new Donald Trump version of their product.

A pakistani food company is launching a new product...

Its called,
Allahu Snackbar

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