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When a musician's fingers move really fast across a piano, they're considered a prodigy and a genius.

But when i go even faster on full-screen rhythm games on my iPad, I'm "lazy", "going to get carpal tunnel syndrome", "unproductive", and "ruining the funeral, Emily".

Chester was really happy, he was about to meet the Queen.

He had been a physics prodigy hailing from a small town in England, and had just been selected to be Knighted by the Queen of England.

After the ceremony, his best friend remarked to him:
"Man, Chester, you Knighted!"

Why don't I play chess with the Prodigy?

they smack my bishop

Prodigy joke, Why don't I play chess with the Prodigy?

Did you hear about the child prodigy who died after falling from the top of a skyscraper?

He had so much potential

My six year old niece made up this joke. I think she may be a comedic prodigy.

Why did the sweater go to boot camp?

To warm up!

Straight out of Popbitch...

You know I was invited to Keith Flint's (from the Prodigy) funeral? I'm supposed to lead the singing.

I'm the choir starter.

A child prodigy walks a tightrope

He can tell it to fetch too!

Prodigy joke, A child prodigy walks a tightrope

I can say I'm one of those prodigy geniuses who just don't have any enthusiasm.

All I need now is to be a genius.

Today I found out my apathetic teenage son is secretly a old school hip hop prodigy.

The only thing that ever comes out of his mouth is nahs.

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