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I saw a car with a bumper sticker saying "I am a vet, therefore I can drive like an animal."

Suddenly, I realized how many proctologists there are on the roads.

I saw a bumper sticker saying I am a veterinarian, therefore I can drive like an animal

Suddenly I realized how many proctologists are on the road.

Why do proctologists like Facebook?

It's another chance to look up old friends.

What kind of Doctor has the worst credit score?

Proctologists, they're always in Arrears.

Earlier today I saw a bumper sticker

It said "I'm a veterinarian, therefore I can drive like an animal!"

Suddenly I realized how many proctologists are on the road!

I saw a bumper sticker today that read

"My job is a Veterinarian, so I can drive like an animal!"

I suddenly realized how many how many Proctologists there are on the road!

The Proctologist

So a man walks into his proctologists office because he felt that something was wrong.
The doctor walks in, explains the test, and gloves up. After a couple seconds of pressure, the man asks if there's anything wrong. The doctor replies,"Well, the good news is that it's only the head. The bad news is that I still have six inches of shaft left."

Aliens may in fact be pro bono proctologists from another planet

Uranus , possibly

Unlicensed Proctologists

I heard on the news that some med school dropouts end up practicing proctology illegally. It's certainly frowned upon, but inevitably some unqualified professionals end up slipping through the cracks.

What's the good thing about a blind gynecologist?

They can double as your proctologists

There's something about proctologists that i don't like.

Just can't put my finger on it...

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Why are proctologists such good planners...

Because they begin with the end in mind.

My friend Joe made this up.

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