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A Chemist, a Biologist, and a Mathematician...

Were sitting on a bench in front of a hotel, and see two people enter, then three people exit. The Chemist claims that they must have been an error in the initial measurements, the biologist says they must have procreated, thus creating another person, the mathematician states that if one more person enters the building, the building would then be empty.

My wife says if we get 1000 upvotes we can have s**... in the m**... for the sole purpose of procreation

2000 and she'll let me do it with the lights on

Why couldn't the snake procreate?

He had ereptile dysfunction!

Yo mama's like bacteria

...she procreates every 30 minutes and causes diseases.
(Just came in my mind a few moments ago)

How many Christians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Two. But only for procreation.

s**... is just like drinking alcohol

at first it's super exciting and fun but eventually it's just something that's necessary for procreation.

mermaid procreation

how does a mermaid give birth?
sea section

If doors could procreate, they'd have a lot of kids

considering that they're always getting knocked up.

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