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What's the difference between a proclamation from the Vatican and a mail-order husband from ebay?

One's a papal mandate and the other's a paypal man-date.

Abraham Lincoln passed the constipation proclamation...

He set the brown things free.

When did the Black Plague happen?

After the Emancipation Proclamation.

Irishman steps up on Mastermind, the quiz show. His chosen topic: the Irish Rebellion, 1916.

- **Quizmaster**: 'Your first question: who read the *Proclamation of Independence* from the steps of the GPO?'
- **Contestant**: 'Pass'
- **Quizmaster**: 'OK. Second question: name the Irish rebel leader born in Scotland.'
- **Contestant**: 'Pass'
- **Quizmaster**: 'Question three: which *Countess* was an important leader in the rebellion?'
- **Contestant**: 'Pass'
Suddenly, his friend in the audience shouts:

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