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Whats the name of the procedure to turn a woman into a man?

A strapadictomy

What's the proper procedure when witnessing someone having a seizure in a bathtub?

Sprint to your room, grab all the dirty clothes you can, and start saving money on laundry.

Skip a Day

During an annual physical, a doctor tells his overweight patient, "You need to lose some weight, so try this diet. I want you to eat regularly for two days, then skip a day, and repeat this procedure for two weeks. The next time I see you, I expect you will have lost five to ten pounds."

When the man returns, he's lost over 20 pounds. The doctor says. "Great job, did you follow my instructions?"

The man nods "I did, but I thought was going to drop dead every third day."

"From hunger?" asked the doctor.

"No, from skipping."

Procedure joke, Skip a Day

An old man at the doctors office...

His daughter took him to a doctor for a check up. During the check up - the doctor asks the old man about his visits to the toilet at night, and he replies: "I wake up, walk to the bathroom and God turns on the light for me". Confused, the doctor finishes his procedure and tells the old mans daughter about the whole "God-light" thing. To which she replies: "Oh no! He's been using the fridge again!"

So I had a colonoscopy today...

While my doctor was preparing me for the examination he said, "Don't worry, at this stage of the procedure it's quite normal to get an erection"

"I haven't got an erection," I said.

"No, but I have." he replied.

Are you interested in making $$$$ fast? (read - not spam)

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Follow this simple procedure:

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My doctor told me I need to stop masturbating.

He said it was really distracting and that he couldn't finish the procedure.

Procedure joke, My doctor told me I need to stop masturbating.

A woman is going through labour...

...but there is a blackout and her car isn't working. Her husband attempts to deliver the baby. Their young daughter is asked to hold a torch so that her father can see.

After a long and stressful procedure, the baby boy is born. The man spanks the newly born child and the baby starts crying. The mother asks the daughter about what she just saw.

"Smack him again, he shouldn't of crawled up there in the first place."

A guy goes in for a colonoscopy...

...and when things are well under way, the doctor says, "It's normal at this part of the procedure to experience and erection."

The guy says, "But, doctor, I don't have an erection."

The doctor says, "I wasn't talking about *you*.

A 35 year old man goes to the doctor and asks to be castrated...

The doctor looks at him for a minute and asks if he is sure. The man says yes, he's thought about it for some time and thinks its time to get it done. The doctor says alright, it's your body.

After the procedure, the man wakes up and the doctor comes over for a chat. He tells the man that while he was down there, he threw in a free circumcision.

Circumcision! the man exclaims. That's the word I was looking for.

Why did the pet proctologist fear his first feline procedure?

Because wether he succeeded or failed, he knew he'd end up with a cat-ass-trophy on his hands.

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Why do circumcised men lack Jedi brethren?

The procedure removes their force-kin.

What do you do if you step on a landmine?

Well standard procedure is to jump 50 feet and spread over a wide area.

What do you call the surgical procedure for a female to male sex change?

An Addadicktome.

I felt super exhausted after giving blood.

It's such a draining procedure.

A man goes to the doctor for a prostate exam.

Midway through, the doctor says, "Don't worry, sir. It's perfectly normal to get an erection during this procedure."

The man says, "What are you talking about doc? I'm not hard."

"I wasn't talking about you."

Procedure joke, A man goes to the doctor for a prostate exam.

A dentist goes to another dentist to fix a cavity.

When his dentist started to explain the procedure, he stopped him and said, "Don't worry, I know the drill."

I just had hip replacement surgery

It's a really new procedure; you've probably never heard of it.

When Yoshi gets sick from eating too many goombas, what procedure should Dr. Mario conduct?

A Nintendoscopy!

Did you hear about the experimental procedure used at the Mayo Clinic recently?

The surgeons cut off a man's entire left side, so now he's alright.

Did anyone else hear about the baby who was born recently, without eyelids? The doctors actually used his foreskin to make a pair of lids for him.

It was an experimental procedure, and it worked great!.... except now he's all cock-eyed.


A recently recruited soldier approaches his training officer and asks him:
-Sir, I have a question. What do I do if I step on a landmine?
-Well, son, the standard procedure in this case would be to rise about 20 feet into the air and then spread around a large territory.

How did the newspaper go about reviewing the opera production?

They followed Standard Opera-rating Procedure

My son was born without eyelids...

The Dr suggested a new procedure using his foreskin after circumcision to replace his missing lids. The only possible complication was that he would be a little cock-eyed.

Guy goes to the doctor for a prostate exam

Doctor warns him, "It is normal to get an erection while I perform this procedure, so don't be alarmed".

After the doctor is all finished the guy says, "Doc, I never got an erection, I didn't even feel like I was going to get one".

The doctor smiles and says, "Oh, not you silly".

Abortion jokes are a lot like the procedure itself.

If you half-ass it then it will come out mangled.

So a man had his eye lids burned off in a fire and the doctors used a new procedure to replace them with his foreskin

He came out just fine besides being a little cockeyed.

How is a vote for Hillary Clinton like a lobotomy?

One means your brain will never function fully and one is a medical procedure.

Doctor will I be able to play piano after the procedure?

Doctor: Yes, I don't see why not.

Patient: That's wonderful I could never play piano before!

What do you call the procedure that is done when a woman wants to become a man?

An Adadictomy

An Englishman wants to transform into an Irish.

He inquires the expert doctor about alternatives.

**Doc**: "We will have to remove the right half of your brain."

**Patient**: "Alright. Let's go through with it."

(The next day, after the procedure...)

**Doc**: "There were serious complications during the operation.

We had to remove your entire brain. There is of course the option of installing a monkey brain."

**Patient**: "Non, non, non. -C'est magnifique!"

It's isn't rocket science

A patient on the dentist's chair was scared and quite apprehensive about the procedure he was going to undergo.

He asks a lot of questions and details from the dentist.

The dentist says, reassuringly:

"Relax, it's not brain surgery....Unless I slip."

I went to get a prostate exam yesterday...

the doctor told me to get in the fetal position and relax.

"You, know", the doc said after about 30 seconds into the procedure, "it's shouldn't be embarrassing, and it's not uncommon for some men to get an erection during this procedure."

"I don't have an erection', I responded.

Doc responded, "Yeah, but I do."

"Don't panic Jack... this a new procedure but everything is going to be alright"

- Doc, I am not Jack!
- I am.

No Bedside Manner

I'd never had surgery, and I was nervous. This is a very simple, noninvasive procedure, the anesthesiologist reassured me. I felt better, until … Heck, he continued, you have 
a better chance of dying from the 
anesthesia than the surgery itself.

A kid was born without eyelids.

Don't worry the doctor assured the father.
When we circumcise him we will use the skin to make him new eyelids. After the procedure the father is with the doctor. Well what do you think of the procedure? asks the doctor. I don't know? Does he look a little cockeyed to you?

A man is going into hand surgery...

He asks his doctor, "Will I be able to play the piano after the procedure?"

"Sure," his doctor replies.

"Good," says the man. "I've always wanted to be able to play."

Today I decided to donate blood...

After the procedure I asked the nurse what my blood type was out of curiosity. She told me I was type A so I thanked her and left. As I was walking out the door she came sprinting after me and said Wait, I told you the wrong blood type on accident, it was a type O.

I've invented a one step procedure that lets you use human feces just like modeling modeling clay!

::pinches nose::

There was a boy born without any eyelids

And it caused him terrible discomfort and to make matters worse, the doctors feared he would inevitably go blind one day.

Then one doctor came up with an ingenious solution. He planned to circumcise the boy and use his foreskin to make new eyelids for him.

After a lengthy procedure, the surgery was a success and now the boy has two fully functioning eyelids.

The doctor says the boy is doing fine, he's just a little cock-eyed

I went through a grueling and expensive procedure yesterday, having my spine and BOTH testicles removed

Still, the wedding presents were amazing

What is the procedure called when a plant has it's prefrontal cortex removed?

A lobotany

What does an ophthalmologist do if he has to perform surgery, but doesn't remember how to do the procedure?

He has to Improve eyes....

Today I learned about Harvey E. Brown, a civil war surgeon who had so many amputations he ran out of fake legs and had to use a shovel.

It was a ground-breaking medical procedure.

People who have undergone a heart transplant are generally quite indecisive after the procedure.

They will always have a change of heart.

Man goes to get a prostate exam.

As the man is bent over during the exam, the doctor says "you know, there's no need to feel embarrassed, it's pretty common to get an erection procedure."

The man says "I don't have an erection!"
The doctor whispers, "I do!".

"It's perfectly normal to get an erection during this procedure."

... Said the doctor who was giving a physical.

"But I don't have one." Said the patient.

"I was talking about myself."

My dad went for a blood glucose level test, this was way back in the 90's. After the test procedure was done, the nurse said, " your blood glucose levels are very high." To which my dad said, " Oh sweet!"

God bless his soul

When Louis Armstrong was a child, he was colorblind, a doctor asked him if he wanted to do this experimental surgery to allow him to see colors. After the procedure, they ask him what does he see, he tells them...

I see trees of green, and red roses too.

A man is talking to his doctor before a vasectomy...

The man asks "So, after the procedure, sex will feel the same?"

The doctor responds, "I can assure you there will be no vas deferens."

What is the procedure when a sheep gets abducted?

The police send out a LAMBer alert

A cheapskate goes to have his wisdom teeth removed. The dentist said the procedure would cost $100.

The cheapskate replies, "I'll give you $50 and just loosen it."

What's an English majors favorite surgical procedure?

A semicolon-oscopy

What's the medical term for a trans / sex change procedure?


Did you hear that they are renaming the female sex change procedure??

The new name will be...........Adadictomy!!

What do you call a F2M surgical procedure?

An addadicktome.

Did you hear about the kid born w/o an eyelid?

When they circumcised him, they used the extra skin to fix his eyelid.

The procedure went fine, he's a little cockeyed now though...

My vasectomy was supposed to change everything.

I haven't noticed a vas deferens after the procedure.

My dog used to love playing catch, but he hasn't been the same since his lost his favorite ball

I was running low on cash so only I had enough money to cover 50% of his neutering procedure.

What do you call the procedure to change a woman into a man

An addadiktomi

A redneck couple, both bona fide rednecks, had 9 children. They went to the doctor to see about getting the husband 'fixed'.

The doctor started the procedure and asked them what finally made them make the decision.

The husband replied that they had read in a recent article that one out of every ten children being born in the United States was Mexican, and they didn't want to take a chance on having a Mexican baby because neither of them could speak Spanish.

Going to hospital

As I was admitted the hospital for a procedure, the clerk asked for my wrist, saying, "I'm going to give you a bracelet."

"Has it got rubies and diamonds?" I ask coyly.

"No," he said. "But it cost just as much."

What do you call a patient with atrial fibrillation who has never had a heart procedure?

A cardiovirgin

BREAKING NEWS: The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, is brain-dead following an invasive medical procedure.

Officials praise the regime for finding common grounds with the US.

Circumcision is a painful procedure to inflict on a newborn.

After I was circumcised I couldn't walk for a year.

A lawyer undergoes surgery

While undergoing surgery, a lawyer has a vision of God by his bedside.

"Am I going to die?" Asked the Lawyer.

"No my son," replied God, "You have another 30 years to live."

Unfortunately the surgery was unsuccessful, and the lawyer died shortly after the procedure.

The lawyer sees God again.

"I thought you said I have 30 years!" He cries.

"That is correct my son," replies God, "I've simply added up your billable hours."

What medical procedure involves transgender gang members uniting as one?

A blood transfusion

A woman walks into a dry cleaners....

She says to the guy at the counter "Hopefully you have the expertise to apply a suitable chemical procedure to eliminate this unsightly blemish from my favourite frock."

He says, "Come again?"

She says, "No, it's mayonnaise this time."

A blind man is being interviewed about an experimental procedure to restore his sight

A reporter asks him what he thinks will happen.

The blind man responds, I don't know, I guess I'll see.

A man is at a doctor's office about to have his prostate checked.

The doctor says "Okay, Steve, let's not get an erection again during the procedure." The man looks at the doctor confused, and says "My name isn't Steve, it's Dave." The doctor says "I know. I'm Steve."

An Alabama couple with 9 children went to see the doctor about getting the husband "fixed".

The doctor started the procedure and making small talk, asks them "Why, after having 9 children have you decided not to have any more?".

The husband replied, "We just read an article that said 1 in 10 American children born in the United States is Mexican".

The wife continued, "We didn't want to take the chance of having a Mexican baby, since neither of us can speak Spanish".

A young soldier was making his first parachute jump.

The corporal explained the procedure "You count to ten and pull the first ripcord. If the chute doesn't open, pull the second. That should do it. Then, after you land, there'll be a truck waiting to pick you up."

The soldier checked his gear, called out the customary "Geronimo! " and jumped out of the plane. He counted to ten and pulled the ripcord. The chute failed to open. He pulled the second ripcord and the chute still didn't open. As he plummeted downward, he said, "I'll bet that goddamn truck won't be there either."

Did you know there's only one medical procedure where you *have* to leave a tip?


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