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Top 10 Funniest Problematic Jokes and Puns

How many Yale students does it take to change a lightbulb?

*One to hold the bulb up to the socket and wait for the world to revolve around them, three to scream at the circuit breaker and belittle it for controlling power, and eight others to console the first four while they tweet about how problematic this traumatic experience has been for everyone.*

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

The fact that you think that it's not society, but the light bulb that should change is problematic.

An alien mothership is scouting planet Earth.

Alien Scout: Sir, the Humans appear to possess massive military capabilities, nuclear weapons included.

Alien Commander: This is problematic, are they really such an intelligent species?

Alien Scout: Apparently not Sir, they appear to have them pointed at themselves.

Problematic joke, An alien mothership is scouting planet Earth.

I really wish people would stop talking about my problematic past.

It's time to talk about my problematic future.

I gave my dog my Netflix password

Which ended up being problematic. See, I'm raising him to be an atheist. I came home one day to find him sitting on the couch upset. He said "My whole life is a lie, you've lying to me. I just found out where all dogs go."

What's the most problematic time of day?


What do you call the troublesome storage area under your roof?


Problematic joke, What do you call the troublesome storage area under your roof?

What do you call an attic with a lot of issues?


Why are 25 of the 26 letters in the English alphabet problematic to Jewish people?

Because they're not C's.

Why are pirates problematic?

They prefer to use the hard arrr.

My gender studies class has a module on sexism in Ancient Greek Tragedy.

We're looking at problematic portrayals of women in the Medea.

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