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Top 10 Funniest Pro Choice Jokes and Puns

I'm not sure how I feel about Pro Choice.

I mean, I am all for dead babies, but I don't like giving women choices...

Pros and cons: Choice for abortions

Pro: Killing babies.

Con: Giving women a choice.

I'm Pro Life

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for killing babies, I just don't like to let women make choices.

I can't decide between being pro-life and pro-choice

On one hand, I want as many babies to die as possible, but on the other, I don't want women to have a choice.

I'm not a father due to my belief of being pro-choice

When my girlfriend was pregnant I chose to leave

I'm pro-choice;

pro-life is for babies.

Don't you know anything about Roe vs Wade?

Yeah, it's two ways to cross a river.


Sorry, I'm pro choice. But heard this one and thought it was funny.

After you were born

Your parents changed they're minds.

They're pro-choice now.

You Don't Have to Choose Between Being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

As long as you are Pro-Phylactic

What's a pro-choice rapist?

I've heard all the Pro life vs Pro choice debates, and after hearing the debates, i came up with a compromise.

I propose Pro Abortion, in which we abort everybody.

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New Slogan for the Pro Choice Organization

Cut out the middle man.

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