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  1. I got second place in a star gazing competition once. The winner got a telescope, but all I got was a constellation prize.
  2. Nobel Prize winners are a lot like farmers Oftentimes they are outstanding in their field.
  3. Why did the lottery winner begrudgingly give his prize car to his parents? Because they told him it was his-folks'-wagon.

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Prize Winner One Liners

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  1. What did the winner of the muscle loss contest receive as a prize? Atrophy
  2. Why did one Nobel Prize winner kill the other? Because Obama and Doctors Without Borders
  3. Yo momma's so s**..., she makes Homer Simpson look like a Nobel Prize winner.

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Beware of a new scam message going around

I just got a text message saying "Congratulations you are the winner of the Elvis tribute competition.
You have a choice of two prizes you can take,
Option 1 is £50.00
Option 2 is for 2 tickets to an Elvis tribute concert
To make your choice
1 for the money or 2 for the show
(disclaimer: stolen from my Facebook feed. Never seen this joke before and wanted to share)

So a man enters a pun competition...

A man enters a pun competition determined to win. He submits ten puns, figuring that way one of them will certainly get the prize. But when they announced the winner, no pun intended.

Gilding the lily is a job seeker's birthright.
Here are a few doozies, where the applicant claimed:
- to be a former CEO of the company to which he was applying.
- to be fluent in two languages—one of which was pig Latin.
- to be a Nobel Prize winner.
- to have worked in a jail when he was really in there serving time.
- he was fired "on accident."

A cheap camping supply store is having a huge sale...

And they are selling raffle tickets for various camping supply prizes. An old Chinese man comes and buys a raffle ticket, among many other customers. Finally, the announcer asks for the crowd to quiet down so that he can draw out the raffle ticket for first prize. He reads out the number, and the old Chinese man yells out that he has the ticket. The announcer brings him up on stage and asks his name. He then announces, "Mao is the winner of our discount tent!"

The most famous person of all times

Who is the most famous person of all times. That was a subject of a contest among Catholic School's 5th graders with $100 prize. The teacher asked Jon first. He said it was Bill Clinton. The next one was Kevin who said it was Gorge Washington. After collecting responses from almost all participants the teacher with not much hope asked the last girl, Sarah, who happen to be Jewish. Sara raised and said. I think it was Jesus. The teacher was jubilant and pronounced Sarah as the winner of $100. After school the teacher approached Sarah and asked her. How come you as a Jew chose Jesus instead of Moses? To that Sarah replied. Sure, Moses is my hero, but business is business.

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