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Best Short Privilege Jokes

Short privilege puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The privilege humour may include short advantage jokes also.

  1. Why did the privileged white guy fail his algebra test? He didn't know enough about inequalities
  2. My dad and I(f) both ordered the same thing at the same time online. He got his before me. Mail privilege...
  3. How many cis-gender white males does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One. And it would be his privilege to help out.
  4. Being rich is not a matter of privilege and it's more of a burden. This is what I think to myself everytime I wake up on this broken bed with this not working fan.
  5. I've started to take the SJW movement seriously and have applied it to my parenting style It's why I'm ignoring all my 10-month olds privileged white male tears.
  6. My take on microaggressions: on one hand, it's true people can sometimes be too sensitive. On the other hand... NOT EVERYONE HAS TWO HANDS CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE.
  7. How many social justice warriors does it take to screw in a lightbulb? I don't know, but they'd shame it for its light privilege.
  8. What did the young, privileged, and naive crustacean say to the other crustacean? I don't sea shells
  9. What is it called when brown envelopes aren't delivered as quickly as white ones? White Mail Privilege
  10. I am so honored to have had the privilege of performing my comedy in the biggest most pack venue in the world. The internet-THANKS SO MUCH GUYS YOU'VE ALL BEEN GREAT!-LOVE YOU- GOOD NIGHT!
Privilege joke, I am so honored to have had the privilege of performing my comedy in the biggest most pack venue in

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Privilege One Liners

Which privilege one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with privilege? I can suggest the ones about permission and luxury.

  1. Being the first to move in chess. It's a white privilege.
  2. I met a Slavic feminist once. She told me to Czech my privilege.
  3. It's not a privilege for bears to have limbs. They have the right to bear arms.
  4. How do you know if you are a privileged white straight male? A feminist will tell you.
  5. What do you call a group of Karens? A privilege
  6. What do you call a Mexican with white privilege? Legal
  7. You know the best thing about white male privilege? Blackmail privilege.
  8. Why does Walter get to keep more of the drug money than Jessie? White privilege
  9. I have no empathy for those with read-only access It's my Write Privilege
  10. I call my cell phone "privilege" Because I never check it
  11. What did the feminist Jedi say to Emperor Palpatine? Check your privilege, sithlord
  12. Today I checked my privilege... [✔] Privilege
  13. What's the most privileged fish? A Great White shark.
  14. I am a privileged male. My wife isn't talking to me.
  15. Why does Tumblr hate root access? Because it's too privileged.

Privilege joke, Why does Tumblr hate root access?

Cheerful Fun Privilege Jokes to Brighten Your Day with Humor and Joy

What funny jokes about privilege you can tell and make people laugh? One example I can give are clean honor jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help make privilege prank.

How many tumblrinas does it take to change a lightbulb?

You may think that a burnt out bulb needs to change just because the room is too dark *for you* to see anything, so it *must* be changed, but I don't care, it's beautiful, you should respect its right to be burnt out and learn to be more accepting of darker rooms, check your filament privileges you ableist s**.... Anyone who disagrees with this is a burnt-out-bulbophobe and a darknessphobe. Thanks for being so understanding.


A woman goes to the doctor looking fantastic: hair and makeup done by a professional, Gucci heels, Versace dress and Prada purse.
"I've been stung by a n**... insect of some kind," she tells the doctor, "...but I'm ashamed to tell you where."
"It's okay," says the doctor. "Our communication is privileged; I won't tell anyone."
"Okay," says the woman. "It was at Walmart."

In an effort to inspire his young son who did not want to go to school, his father told him :

"When Abraham Lincoln was your age he used to walk miles for the privilege of going to school."
The young boy thought for a moment and responded,
"Yes, but when he was your age he was President of the United States."

A gorgeous woman goes to a Doctor looking fantastic: hair and makeup done by a professional, Gucci heels, Versace dress and Prada purse...

"I've been stung by a n**... insect of some kind," she tells the doctor, "...but I'm ashamed to tell you where."
"It's okay," says the good doctor. "Our communication is privileged; I won't tell anyone."
"Okay, It was at Walmart."

What did the trans-gender, pan-s**..., gender-fluid ogre say to the heterosexual male ogre?

Shrek your privilege!

What were the British v**... Islands named for?

Having the rare privilege to not have prince andrew visit. Yet...

Funny Comeback

I go into McDonald's and there is this fat girl making fun of this mentally disabled kid*
Me: you know, that could happen to any of us. You don't belong making fun of someone like that, what's wrong with you?
Girl: god gave me a mouth to speak and I'm going to use it
Me: well god also gave you a mouth to eat, you abused that privilege.
Girl: -speechless-
Me: oh and you might want to wipe that ketchup off your chin
Girl: *goes to wipe chin*
Me: no, your other chin

Why was Walter able to commit so much crime for so long on Breaking Bad without getting caught?

White privilege.

A group of Cytologists are arrested...

and are thrown into jail. Since these are privileged folks, they're put into a special jail where they live a single common living space, without separate rooms.
The cytologists start submitting complaints immediately to the state. Because without cells, it doesn't meet living conditions.

Privilege joke, A group of Cytologists are arrested...

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