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Top 10 Funniest Privilege Jokes and Puns

What is it called when brown envelopes aren't delivered as quickly as white ones?

White Mail Privilege

Why does Walter get to keep more of the drug money than Jessie?

White privilege

How many cis-gender white males does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

One. And it would be his privilege to help out.

Privilege joke, How many cis-gender white males does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Why did the privileged white guy fail his algebra test?

He didn't know enough about inequalities

My take on microaggressions: on one hand, it's true people can sometimes be too sensitive. On the other hand...


Yesterday, I was told to "check your privilege."

I did. It's still there.

What was the most privileged region conquered by Julius Caesar?

Cis-Alpine Gaul.

Privilege joke, What was the most privileged region conquered by Julius Caesar?

Today I checked my privilege...

[✔] Privilege

Being the first to move in chess.

It's a white privilege.

What did the feminist Jedi say to Emperor Palpatine?

Check your privilege, sithlord

I met a Slavic feminist once.

She told me to Czech my privilege.

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What's the most privileged fish?

A Great White shark.

The privileged hangman is a sophisticated fellow.

He can read, write and has a permission to execute.

I just got my White male privilege credit card today

I get 33 cents cash back on every dollar i spend.

What did the trans-gender, pan-sexual, gender-fluid ogre say to the heterosexual male ogre?

Shrek your privilege!

What do you call a Mexican with white privilege?


Privilege joke, What do you call a Mexican with white privilege?

In an effort to inspire his young son who did not want to go to school, his father told him :

"When Abraham Lincoln was your age he used to walk miles for the privilege of going to school."

The young boy thought for a moment and responded,

"Yes, but when he was your age he was President of the United States."

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 is a "politically correct" millennial that shames 6 for his "even-number privilege".

How are white privilege and centrifugal force similar?

They're both nonexistent in the same way. *Because they both only exist in specific frames of reference.

I call my cell phone "privilege"

Because I never check it

You know the best thing about white male privilege?

Blackmail privilege.

Funny Comeback

I go into McDonald's and there is this fat girl making fun of this mentally disabled kid*

Me: you know, that could happen to any of us. You don't belong making fun of someone like that, what's wrong with you?

Girl: god gave me a mouth to speak and I'm going to use it

Me: well god also gave you a mouth to eat, you abused that privilege.

Girl: -speechless-

Me: oh and you might want to wipe that ketchup off your chin

Girl: *goes to wipe chin*

Me: no, your other chin

How many social justice warriors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I don't know, but they'd shame it for its light privilege.

I have no empathy for those with read-only access

It's my Write Privilege

Why was Walter able to commit so much crime for so long on Breaking Bad without getting caught?

White privilege.

If blackmail is the action, demanding money from a person in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person. What is whitemail?


What do you call a spirit of pride, entitlement, privilege, and arrogance?

An heir elemental.

I am a privileged male.

My wife isn't talking to me.

How do you know if you are a privileged white straight male?

A feminist will tell you.

It's not a privilege for bears to have limbs.

They have the right to bear arms.

I am so honored to have had the privilege of performing my comedy in the biggest most pack venue in the world.


Offensive crayon ideas!

Presidential Orange

Miscarriage Maroon

Privilege White

Travel Ban Brown

Lives Matter Black

"I should have known better than to talk to him like that, these bruises are my fault" Blue

My dad and I(f) both ordered the same thing at the same time online. He got his before me.

Mail privilege...

What do you call a group of Karens?

A privilege

Being rich is not a matter of privilege and it's more of a burden.

This is what I think to myself everytime I wake up on this broken bed with this not working fan.

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