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  1. My son came home as I was taking his door off it's hinges and asked Dad what are you doing?
    We've updated our privacy policy
  2. What doesn't the US government update it's privacy policy? You need to have one first before you updated it.
  3. The last man on Earth was sitting alone in a room, when all of a sudden his phone rang... We've updated our privacy policy.
  4. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody's around to hear it Does it still let everyone know it updated its privacy policy?
  5. Today, my girlfriend has agreed that we can do everything in bed now. She accepted my updated privacy policy without reading.
  6. My wife wasn't too thrilled When I cursed at Ashley Madison for updating their privacy policy.
  7. God does 24 * 7 * ∞ surveillance... at least he doesn't bother us with updating His Privacy Policy
  8. You know why North Korea won't meet for the nuclear summit? They haven't updated their privacy policy.
  9. The NSA's privacy policy [...] NSA is committed to protecting your privacy and will collect no personal information about you unless you choose to provide that information to us. [...]
  10. She : I'm breaking up with you because I love another guy Me : since when? She : 6 months Me : why didn't you tell me then? She : we have updated our privacy policy

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Privacy Policy One Liners

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  1. Roses are red, sorry for the Hypocrisy But hey, we've updated our privacy policy
  2. Teleports behind you We've updated our Privacy & Policy
  3. I like my privacy policy updates like I like my women All talk and zero action
  4. *Opens box of cereal* We've updated our privacy policy.
  5. I'd tell you a secret, but... I too have updated my privacy policy.
  6. Hey guys something new came up!!!!! We updated our privacy policy.
  7. Alert! We have updated our privacy policy.
  8. Did you hear about our privacy policy? We've updated it.
  9. My newborn just spoke his first words... We have updated our privacy policy
  10. What do say to your online stalker before blocking him We have updated our privacy policy
  11. I don't like the term "door unhinging" I prefer to call it a "privacy policy update".
  12. Why'd you t**... front door? We have updated our privacy policy

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My roommate recently started having much louder s**... with his girlfriend. "What changed?" I asked.

"We've updated our privacy policy."

A bottle washes onto the shore on a deserted island...

*opens bottle*
We've updated our Privacy Policy

I came home from work one day and my wife was putting cardboard over the windows, I said babe what are you doing?

She said We've updated our privacy policy

You have a new email!

"we've updated our privacy policy"
First time posting here. No idea if I did it right.

Adam and Eve were wandering on the Garden of Eden

They were walking with their makeshift clothes, since they already tasted the Forbidden Fruit and realized they were n**....
Soon, God shows up, and realize they disobeyed his only rule so far.
Mad and with His thunderous voice, He yells at them:
Scared and surprised, Adam looks at Eve and realizes that there's no use lying. Shaking and with his tremble voice, he answers the implacable deity:

"We-- We've just-- *We just updated our privacy policy*"

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