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What do you call a Mexican driving a Prius?

A Green Bean!

Yo mama so fat!

Her Prius gets 12mpg.

So I was in a race against a Prius the other day.

I kept up for the first 100ft but I can only walk so fast...

Prius joke, So I was in a race against a Prius the other day.

Why is owning a Prius difficult?

It's hard to drive when you're patting yourself on the back all the time.

I just seen a prius try his time on a quarter mile at the drag strip.

Ill update when hes done.

I saw a Prius crash into a Subaru Outback the other day...

There was granola everywhere.

Yesterday I got into an accident with a prius...

Yesterday I was on the highway and rear ended a prius.
We both pulled over and a dwarf gets out of the prius.
He walks up to my car and says "Hey mister, I'm not happy!"
I say "then which one are you?"

Prius joke, Yesterday I got into an accident with a prius...

How do you turn a fruit into a vegetable?

Cut the brake lines on his Prius.

A Prius just tried to race me from a stop sign. I totally had it for the first 100 feet...

But I can only walk so fast.

What do you call a Hasbro Prius?

A Toy Yoda.

Hey girl, are you a Toyota Prius?

Because when I'm inside of you I'm not quite sure if you're turned on or not.

...somebody date me.

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Where did this concept of kidnappers using white vans come from?

I mean, I just use my Prius, stop being so stereotypical, jeez.

I beat a Prius today...

Thank goodness I had on my running shoes.

Did you hear about the new hybrid car?

It's a cross between the Prius and the Prizm. They call it the priapism.

My GF says I drive aggressively.

I drive a Prius.

A Prius owner, a vegan and a mother of 3 kids walk into a bar

We know this, because they told everybody.

Prius joke, A Prius owner, a vegan and a mother of 3 kids walk into a bar

What did the interracial couple name their child?

Prius, because it's a hybrid.

A vegan, an Italian and a Prius owner walk into a bar.

I know this because they told me when they walked in the door.

Why did the cave buy a Prius?

He heard somewhere that it was echo-friendly...

Scott Prius resigns...

Scott Pruitt resigns from EPA today siting intense pressure from Trump administration to change his last name to Prius ...

If I buy a Prius, I'll make sure to put a bobblehead Yoda figurine on the dash

Then I'll have a toy Yoda in my Toyota.

I just realized I never told my wife about the car I had before we met

It was a Prius.

(It's ok, my wife didn't laugh at my joke either)

the next big profession

**hipster driving a Prius:** is this more efficient than hyrid and electric?
**hipster riding a horse:** that's what the salesman told me.

In what country was the angry Prius built in?


My Prius had an oil leak

Had to pay for a tampon to stop it up

I use to own a Pontiac Trans Am, then I got a Honda Civic, and now I have a Toyota Prius

That is my Auto-biography.

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