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Why are white gangs the scariest in prisons?

Because they had a fair trial and still ended up there.

Why do women's prisons give out tampons on release day?

Because all sentences should end with a period.

Nowadays with internet in some prisons..

..How do they prevent the emails from having attached files?

TIL the company Tampax donates their slightly defective tampons to women's prisons

No strings attached

Do black people get sunburns?

I don't know... Most prisons are indoors.

Why are prisons banned from using Comcast Xfinity?

Because then their cells would have no bars.

Foucault: Schools serve the same social functions as prisons and hospitals.

Foucault's mother: You're still going.

Prisons joke, Foucault: Schools serve the same social functions as prisons and hospitals.

Prisons nationwide have integrated the Hokey-Pokey into their physical education program.

They think it will help the inmates turn their lives around.

Why are hot pickle buns so popular in polish women's prisons?

They're made out of dill dough.

Why don't black guys get sunburnt?

Prisons are indoors

Is it a good idea for prisons to have story-writing classes?

Eh, there are prose and cons

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Comrade Putin, is it true that you collect political jokes?

Putin: "Yes"

Me: And how many have you collected so far?

Three and a half prisons

Why should prostitutes never hang out in front of prisons?

Because you should never end a sentence with a proposition.

Why is there so much litter in prisons

Because nobody is brave enough to bend over and pick it up


Aaron Hernandez shows you how he dodged serving a life sentence with this handy trick

Why do australian prisons have the highest percentage of homosexuals ?

They're all inmates.

Prisons joke, Why do australian prisons have the highest percentage of homosexuals ?

Johnny Cash would play in prisons

I would KILL to be in that crowd

They outlawed prostitution near prisons....

....Because you shouldn't end a sentence with a proposition.

Spain now have the messiest prisons in the world.

No messing.

Why is r**... common in prisons?

Because s**... cells.

How do Medieval sheep protest prisons?

They storm the baaaastille.

What's concurrency?

Fake money they use in prisons.

Why aren't prostitutes allowed near prisons?

Because a sentence shouldn't end with a proposition.

Hear about that judge getting 28 years for selling black teens to prisons?

Man, the IRS really nail you for not declaring income.

Why are there so many blood cells in female prisons?

Because the sentences usually end with periods.

What kind of phones are often found in prisons?

Cell phones

Prisons joke, What kind of phones are often found in prisons?

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