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Top 10 Funniest Prison Rape Jokes and Puns

I've been in prison for only 5 minutes, and I've already been raped.

I hate playing monopoly with my dad

What's the difference between an IRS audit and prison rape?

In prison, you have a chance at getting a reach around

3 new inmates discussing their sentences

first new prisoner pipes up "i'm in for murder"

the other two ask him "what did you get?"


second prisoner "i'm in for burglary and rape"

"what did you get?"


third jailbird "i'm in for burning illegal immigrants"

"what did you get?"
"10 to the gallon!"

What's black with eight legs and often found in the shower?

Prison rape.

I almost got raped in prison.

I beat him off.

Some people joke about prison rape, but I don't think it's funny.

In fact, there's nothing funny about the American penile system.

All US prison wardens got together and brainstormed to put a stop to prison rapes.

They finally decided on a high tech solution- an anti-slip soap bar with an internal combustion engine equipped with state of the art artificial engine that would fly the soap back to the prisoner's hand even if it somehow falls down.

The Russian wardens too found a solution- shower gel.

A joke for farmers

Three farmers were in prison.

One asks another what he did. He replies that he stole trailer load of wheat and got 1 year. He asks what the first farmer did. He said that he stole a lorry load of barley and got 2 years.

He then asks what the third farmer was in for. Rape, the third farmer replies. Shocked, the first farmer exclaimed "Christ, how much did you steal?!"

I went to prison for rape.

I heard it's the best place to experience it.

How do you know when an Australian prisoner is raping another prisoner?

When they're in an inmate mate

Why did the face-tatooed gay bodybuilder smile?

He was sent to prison for rape.

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Why is rape common in prisons?

Because sex cells.

What do Rick Astley and a loyal partner in crime have in common?

Both of them would get raped in prison.

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