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Prison may be just one word

But to others, it's a whole sentence

What did the prison guard say when Epstein cried for help?

"I'll be right there, just hang on for a minute."

Prisoners attempt to escape from jail.

The first one throws a rope to the top of the fence, and quietly climbs to the top. But before his cellmate can do the same, the rope breaks.
"How will I get out now?" The unfortunate prisoner asks. The other one pulls out a flashlight.
"Don't worry," he replied, "I'll shine the light down and you can climb up the beam of light."
"Do you really think I'm that s**...?" He asked, "You'll turn it off when I'm halfway to the top!"

You know what they say about prison...

You go in a tight end and come out a wide receiver

A prison guard asked three prisoners how they got in jail...

The first prisoner replies, "I was blowing bubbles in the park."
The second replies "I was also blowing bubbles in the park."
When the guard gets to the third prisoner he says "let me guess, you were blowing bubbles in the park."
Then the third prisoner replies "no, im bubbles."

Why did all the prisoners at the AT&T jail escape?

Because they had no bars on their cells!

What would a prisoner say to you if you left them on an island for fifty years?

G'day mate!

Why do prison guards use Proactive?

To prevent further breakouts.

Why did the prisoners switch to liquid soap in the shower?

Because it's harder to pick up.

What does prison have in common with biology?

Cell culture.

Being old is like being in prison...

It hurts to bend over.

So a prisoner took his own mug shot...

He called it his "cellfie".

Why was the prison poetry slam cancelled?

There were more cons than prose

My prison name

If I ever went to prison, my prison name would be The Mitochondria, because I'll be the powerhouse of the cells.

3 prisoners are to be executed by a firing squad

The first one thinking of ways to escape shouted "EARTHQUAKE!" which caused everyone to panic and allowed the prisoner to escape.
The second prisoner seeing what the first one did shouted "TORNADO!" which caused everyone to panic again and also allowed him to escape
The third prisoner, knowing what the others did, frantically shouted "FIRE!"

My prison cell-mate just asked me if I was tight.

Why does he care about how I spend my money?

During a prison break, I saw a midget climb the fence of the prison yard. As he jumped down, he sneered at me...

I thought to myself, "well, that was a little con-descending."

A prisoner escaped..

And snuck inside a house nearby.
The prisoner found a young couple in bed and held them hostage, the woman was tied in a chair and the man was tied on the bed post.
The prisoner walked up to the woman and kissed her in the neck afterwards he went to the bathroom.
The man said to the woman "that guy is an escapee from the prison nearby, he's been in prison for such a long time that he's so thirsty for s**.... I can tell it from the way he kissed your neck. No matter what happens let him do whatever he wants or else he will kill us! Be strong honey, i love you!"
Then the woman replied..
"He didn't kiss me honey, he whispered to me that he thinks you're cute and asked me if we have some lubricant. I told him that we have some in the bathroom. Be strong honey, i love you!"

I got a prison tattoo of mitochondria

Now I truly am the powerhouse of the cell

How is prison like quidditch?

The game ends when they catch the snitch

Two prisoners were waiting to be executed.

"Any last requests?" asked the jailer.
"Yes," replied one of the prisoners. "I love music, so before I die could you play 'Never gonna give you up' by Rick Astley."
And the second prisoner said: "Kill me first."

A prisoner was told how he'll be executed

Needless to say, he was shocked.

Priso joke, A prisoner was told how he'll be executed

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Priso joke, A prisoner was told how he'll be executed

Priso joke, A prisoner was told how he'll be executed

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