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Today my stoner friend used my to-do list as a blunt wrap

He was high on my list of priorities

My friend used my todo list to roll a blunt

He's high on my list of priorities

Why Did it Take so Long to Legalize Gay Marriage?

Because their priorities weren't straight.

Priorities joke, Why Did it Take so Long to Legalize Gay Marriage?

At the box office this weekend Predator took first place and The Nun took second.

Coincidently, that's how the Catholic Church ranks it's priorities.

I have a joke about priorities...

...but I have other jokes to tell first.

My stoner friend rolled a joint using a page from my agenda notebook.

He is high on my list of priorities.

I thought 2020 would have a lot of jokes about vision

in hindsight with everything going on that was the last of their priorities

Priorities joke, I thought 2020 would have a lot of jokes about vision

This guy stopped me in the street.

"Sir," he said, "have you got a few minutes to complete a survey on priorities?"

I said, "Yes," and walked away.

The Infinity Gauntlet was for the left hand

Even Thanos had priorities.

In the box office this weekend, The Predator took first place followed by The Nun in second...

Which is coincidentally the same way the Catholic Church ranks their priorities.

My stoner friend didn't have any rolling papers so he asked if he could use my to-do list.

He was high on my list of priorities.

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"Honey, I just got into a terrible bike accident..

... So I don't think I can pick up the groceries on the way home. I think I broke my legs and maybe even a fractured rib. I'm bleeding all over too. Diane is bringing me to the hospital right now."

"Who's Diane?"

Girl's priorities.

My wife has been mad at me lately because she says I need to get my priorities straight...

I told her we can talk about it after this episode of Spongebob.


Being broke after paying bills is called taking care of priorities but being broke because you lazy is a personal choice


will work for food

will do anything for drugs

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