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Looking for a laugh? Look no further than this collection of jokes about all kinds of animal prints, like leopard, cheetah, zebra and cow print, along with other kinds of prints like ctrl and 3D. With jokes about small print, camo and fine print, there's something here for every tech-savvy technician.

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  1. My grandad asked me how to print on his computer... I told him it's Ctrl-P. He says he hasn't been able to do that for ages.
  2. My friend was bragging his new 3D printer can print a gun. I wasn't impressed, I've had a Canon printer for years!
  3. My friend claims he can print a Gun using his 3D Printer. I'm not impressed. I've had a Canon printer for years.
  4. I think Unilever should print little government conspiracies on their cotton swabs. They could call them Q tips
  5. Why do swedish battleships have barcodes printed on the sides? So that when they return to port they can scandinavyin.
  6. The waitress told me I could ask her 'anything about the menu' What a liar. She had no idea who printed it or where the paper came from.
  7. I went to a job interview at EA The interviewer, after reading my CV, said:
    "I see that this CV was clearly printed on two pages, but I only have one. Where's the other one?"
    "Page two is 19.99$"
  8. I've invented a machine that prints money. I programmed it to make coins, but for some reason it keeps printing dollar bills....
    It makes no cents.
  9. How do you find Will Smith in the Snow? I don't know. Just look for the Fresh prints! Ha ha.
    He's also black.
  10. How do you find Will Smith in the snow? You look for the Fresh Prints.
    (Compliments of my teenager)
Print joke, How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

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  1. How do you follow Will Smith in a snow storm? You follow the fresh prints.
  2. What does Chris Rock have on his face right now? Fresh prints!
  3. What did the python say when he came out of his shell? Print("Hello World!")
  4. Yo momma is so fat, I took a picture of her last Christmas and it's still printing.
  5. What was a python's first words? print("s" \* 10)
  6. how can you find will smith in the snow? look for fresh prints
  7. What's the best way to hunt Will Smith? Look for the fresh prints
  8. How do you find Will Smith in a snowstorm? Look for the fresh prints
  9. How do you end a prayer to the noodle God? Ramen.
  10. You know how to find Will Smith in the snow, don't you? Just look for the fresh prints.
  11. Why does Donald Trump print his emails? He's never been keen on fax
  12. What do you use to plan a haunted house? Boo prints. :)
  13. If you were a font, you'd be extra fine print Because you're hard to read
  14. Yo mama so fat The photo I took with her on xmass is still printing
  15. I've got a 3D printer But it only prints pieces of paper.

3d Print Jokes

Here is a list of funny 3d print jokes and even better 3d print puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I showed my 12 year old son an old floppy disk.. He said "Wow.. Cool! You 3D printed the save icon!"
  • Why couldn't the man 3D printing his face control his excitement? He was getting a head of himself
  • It's not a big deal that people are now printing guns using 3D printers I have had a Canon printer for years.
  • I 3D printed a tree branch today It's PLA stick
  • Why couldn't the surgeon 3D print a new pair of lungs? He ran out of tissue paper.
  • I have at last fulfilled my dream of becoming arms dealer... ... by selling 3D printed prosthetic limbs for the needy.
  • I would never buy a plastic 3D printed car Unless it came with ABS.
  • Buy a 3D printer Print a 3D printer
    return the 3D printer
  • Why would you worry about 3D printed guns Its not like the plastic bullet would kill you
  • Today I found an old floppy disc and showed it to my 12 yo brother. His response was: "Why would you 3D print the save icon?".

Small Print Jokes

Here is a list of funny small print jokes and even better small print puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Boss: If I knew your writing was so small I'd never have hired you Me: Well it was on my resume, you should have read the small print
  • I don't trust opticians Too much small print
  • I don't trust dentists Too much small print
  • I was caught m**... in the library over the small print of laws and local regulations.... .....I got off on a technicality
  • TIFU by ordering a 6-inch instead of a footlong. I should read the small print more carefully on the male e**... pages.

Fine Print Jokes

Here is a list of funny fine print jokes and even better fine print puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Looks like the UK didn't read the fine print when cutting off ties with the EU... You Brexit, you bought it.
  • I handed a blind guy a sheet of sandpaper. He said he couldn't read the fine print.
  • Why do eye doctors make such great scam artists? Nobody can read the fine print.
  • So two typefaces are in a s**... club... one says to the other, 'damn, thats some fine print.'

Leopard Print Jokes

Here is a list of funny leopard print jokes and even better leopard print puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • A complete list of things that look awesome with leopard-print: Leopards. that's it.

Animal Print Jokes

Here is a list of funny animal print jokes and even better animal print puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Rules for wearing animal print yoga pants: 1. Weigh less than the animals they represent
  • Girls really shouldn't wear animal print clothing... ...if they're bigger than the said animal.
Print joke, Girls really shouldn't wear animal print clothing...

What funny jokes about print you can tell and make people laugh? One example I can give are clean published jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help make print prank.

Read the punchline out loud. I first heard this in high school, not sure how well it translates to print.

Poor Tom.
When he was seven, he lost his left eye in a tragic accident. Being from a poor family, the only replacement they could afford was a wooden eye.
When he was seventeen, three weeks before the prom, he was still dateless. He decided to work up the courage to ask someone, but he knew he has limits. He set his eye of Amy, a girl in his class, who spoke with a lisp.
He walked up to her at lunch, while she was surrounded by her friends, and he managed to stammer out a quiet "willyougotothepromwithme?"
"Whath that? I can't hear what you're thaying."
"Will you go to the prom? With me?" he answered, a little louder.
Amy smiled. She never thought anyone would ask her!
"Go with you? Would I? Would I?"

I made this up today. How do you print something when you've really got to go to the toilet?

You ctrl p.

Saw a billboard in Rhode Island.

"doesn't matter" . It was supposed to say "size doesn't matter" but the print was to big.

Hans meets an art dealer on vacation

A German man is on vacation in Spain. He sees a local man selling artwork, so he goes over and checks out his wares. He notices a print of Picasso's Guernica on an easel. The German asks did you do this? , to which the Spaniard replied, nope. you did.

Why did the printer have wet ink?

Because it couldn't control P

the printer in my office is fondly called Bob Marley

it keeps jamming

In a touching tribute to Joan Rivers, Target today announced that it would print funny little anecdotes on all of their shopping bags.

Just so plastic can make us laugh one more time.

Printer jam

Why couldn't the incontinent person print?
They couldn't Ctrl-P

Why are old printers so musical?

Because they are prone to jamming.

Why couldn't the incontinent man print his documents?

He couldn't Ctrl+P

Do you know why newspapers don't print the pictures of all criminals?

They would run out of black ink

How to make your wife take care while driving?

Tell her that if she meets with a serious accident, the newspaper will have to print her age.

An old Jewish man dies.

His last wish to his son is to print an obituary. The son goes to newspaper office and asks how much they charge for an obituary. They tell him $5 per word.
He says then print "Solomon dead". The newspaper tell him they require minimum 5 words. He thinks for a moment and says, then make it "Solomon dead, wheelchair for sale".

My HP printer died today

It was like a Brother to me.

Why did the printer go to the gym?

To get toner.

Why can't you print money on shuttlecocks?

That's badminton

I tried printing something in 4D

but I ran out of time.

I'm going to be opening a store that sells cow print socks

One for your left foot, one for the udder

A guy was just sacked from the local print shop for always aligning their text to the left margin

I think it's justified.

My Doctors surgery called me today to tell me that the print out I received stating I have Blood Type A was incorrect.

They say it was a Type O

Why is the printer making so many noises?

Because the papers are jamming

I told her that I like to print n**... photos at the 24 hour print store...

She said, "That's k**...."

And I said, "No, it's Kinko's."

My grandpa asked me how to print a document on his new computer.

I said, Control, P.
He replied: "I haven't been able to do that for years!"

Why did the printer start playing music?

There was a paper jam

Article on the future of L.A. rapper "Post Malone" was withdrawn from print by local mail service.

Post on post-Post Malone's career and goals was postponed from posting by postal service.

I don't mind camo print clothing...

I just can't see myself wearing it.

Jewish Man calls Newspaper office to print death news of his Grandpa

Clerk: Rs.50 per word
Jewish Man: Grandpa Dead
Clerk: Sorry Sir, Minimum 5 words required ...
Jewish Man: "Grandpa Dead, Wheelchair for Sale!

The police chief asked, "Do you have any leads or suspects for the m**... case?" The officer responded, "I'd like to interview the bartender wearing high heels and a leopard print dress." The chief frowned and said...

"Please, just wear your police uniform."

In Norway they print barcodes on the sides of their battleships.

When they return from war they can Scandinavian.

What did the printer say when it ran out of paper?

Oh sheet

My printer just told me it was joining a band

Which makes sense.
It loves to jam.

Waiter! Why does my dessert have a shoe print in it?

Sir, you did say "Apple pie and step on it!"

A man walked into a copy shop, and requested that they print a book for him with pages 30 feet long and 1 foot wide.

Printer: "Why do you need pages that long?"
Man: "Well, it's a long story."

Grandpa asked me how to print on his new computer.

I said: "Just control-p."
He said: "I haven't been able to do that for years!"

My printer died last night under suspicious circumstances.

Epson didn't kill itself.

A soldier's wife has just returned from her insurance provider and is looking very, very unhappy

"What's the matter?" Her friend asked.
"I went to get my husband covered privately, but the fine print stated: no payouts when the holder dies as a result of an e**... and/or from injuries sustained in an e**...," she replied.
"Oh? So why would that make you unhappy?" Her friend asked.
"Well, it's too late to stop the freaking timer now!"

A man's printer started printing more and more faintly, so he called a local repair shop.

A friendly young man informed him, Well, you could bring it in for a cleaning, but we charge $50 for that, so you might be better off just reading the manual and trying the job yourself.
Pleasantly surprised by this candor, the man said, Thanks, son. Does your boss know that you discourage business?
Actually, it was my boss's idea, said the young employee. He says that if we let people try to fix things themselves first, we end up making even more money!

A guy calls Newspaper office to print death news of his Grandpa.

Clerk: $50 per word…
Guy: Grandpa Dead
Clerk: Sorry Sir, Minimum 5 words required…
Guy: Grandpa Dead, Wheelchair for Sale

What printers do they use on board the Enterprise?

Hewlett Pickards

3-D printers

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "I'm pretty excited," the guy tells the bartender. "I just got one of those 3D printers. They say I can even make a gun on it." "Ha, I'm not impressed," the bartender scoffs. "I've had a canon printer for years."

I got an all out groan on this one

My son turned 18 and moved out. We turned his room into a home school classroom for my daughters. My wife moved her printer in there and needed to print something a little while later.
Wife- "my phone can't find the printer"
Me- "did you tell it that it moved"

Why did Joe get fired from the print shop that made calendars?

He took a couple of days off.

What happens to printers that perform miracles?

They get Canonized.

The capital police chief asked, "Do you have any leads or suspects for the congressional riot?" The officer responded, "I'd like to question the senator wearing high heels and a spandex leopard print dress." The chief frowned and said...

"Please, just wear your police uniform."

what do you call a printer that takes up painting?

The Artist, formally known as Prints.

Print joke, what do you call a printer that takes up painting?

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