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This idiot on the treadmill at the gym.

Just put a water bottle in the Pringles holder.

What do they call Pringles in Spain?


I just saw some idiot at the gym.

He put a water bottle in the Pringles holder on the treadmill.

Pringles joke, I just saw some idiot at the gym.

To bring a girl home,I just whisper in her ear "You know,if i get excited,It can touch the bottom of the Pringles Can"

I can see her eyes light up with excitement and thank the Pringles company for introducing the new Snack size cans.....

If Sam McCringle can mingle with a single bag of Pringles in the time it takes to sing a single jingle, with how many Pringles did Sam McCringle mingle?

none... Pringles come in cans

Watching gymnastics

*gymnast does a double-triple-super-ultra-backflip-frontflip but takes a tiny step when she lands*

Me : *mouthful of pringles* what a loser

Hey girl, are you a tube of Pringles?

Because my whole fist is stuck inside of you

Pringles joke, Hey girl, are you a tube of Pringles?

Whats the difference between your Mom and the Pringles guy?

I can't get my whole fist in the Pringles guy's can.

This is ridiculous!

I just saw a guy put his waterbottle in the Pringles holder on the treadmill next to me!
What a waste of space.

I have started measuring my weight by hand to can

by this I mean how far down the Pringles can my hand will reach

What did Beyonce say to the fat girl?

"...You ate all my pringles lady, all my pringles lady."

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In a hotel room in London, the room service boy knocks on the door,

And says "here are your Pringles sir" The Arab guest looks at the box of potato chips for a few minutes appearing confused. Finally he says, "Wallah Habibi, I said bring girls"

Pringles must be unpopular in China...

...after all, it's the only chip brand that doesn't sell air.

Sexual assault allegations in 2017 are like Pringles.

You can't have just one.

I like my girls like I like my Pringles....

Thin, stacked, and just barely wide enough to accommodate my fist.

Crack flavoured pringles

once you pop, you really can't stop

Pringles joke, Crack flavoured pringles

I like my women how I like my Pringles...

Thin, and 50 at a time.

Ffs it was looking forward to this tube of pringles

But there's only three in here and they're all tennis ball flavour.

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