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Top 10 Funniest Pringle Jokes and Puns

What's Santa's favorite snack?

A crisp Pringle

I matched with this guy on Tinder. He said he wasn't like your average single Pringle – he was like a Dorito, edgy and spicy.

I hooked up with him. He definitely wasn't plain round.

Flat earthers are so close to the truth, but there are some obvious discrepancies . I've finally solved it...

Welcome to the Pringle Earth Society...and remember, once you see, you can't disagree.

I could never fist a girl

My hand would always be reaching for a Pringle.

Pringles must be unpopular in China...

...after all, it's the only chip brand that doesn't sell air.

I'm trying to lose weight so joined the gym and I see the stupidest people there

All of them use the treadmill and put their water bottle in the Pringle holder

My boss is still annoyed with me, just because, yesterday, there was a mishap involving a pringle and some superglue...

He's got a chip on his shoulder

My current relationship status:

I'm a single pringle in a snack with no stack.

Life's Greatest Mystery

Fitting your hand inside a Pringle can.

Seriously, why won't they just release an expandable can?

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