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A man walks into a supermarket, asks the clerk where the Tampons are.
She told him Aisle 14.
He comes back a few minutes later with a big bag of large cotton b**......and some kite string.
Puzzled, the girl asks him if he wasn't the one asking for Tampons?
" it's a long story," he explains, "last night, the wife went to convenience store, and I asked her to get me a pak of cigarettes."
He continues, "she came back with a can of Prince Albert and some rolling papers, saying it was cheaper to roll my own....
Cause of death: COVID

I got a phone call from some helpful people who wanted me to know a few things...

But what I'd like to know is who put Prince Albert in a can and why is my refrigerator running?

Excuse me, sir, do you have Prince Albert in a can?

You do! Well, you better let the poor guy out!
(inspired of course by the remake of IT)

I tried to go get a Prince Albert today.

They told me I'd have to come back on a warmer day.

I'm thinking about getting a Prince Albert...

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