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What's a horse's primary concern when voting?

A stable economy.

One of my wife's primary School's student was wearing a Fitbit watch

One of my wife's primary School's student was wearing a Fitbit watch, which prompted my wife to ask, Are you tracking your steps? No, said the little girl. I wear this for Mum so she can show Dad when he gets home.

In a primary school...

The teacher asks students to draw female reproductive system. A girl in the class puts her head down out of shyness. A boy looks at her and exclaims "Ma'am she's copying!".

What was the primary role of the aristocrats during the French revolution?

They put their head into it.

A primate that knows martial arts?!?!?!!!

What do you call a primate that knows martial arts?

Bruce Leemur!

What does primate meat taste like?

Oh, it has sort of an orangutang to it.

Why was the primate afraid to swing to the other tree?

Because he was a chim-pansy!

What was the primary cause for the mass migration of Jews in Europe during WW2?

The wind.

What would cause the primary model to fail?

If the creator were to forget to rig it!

What's the Primary Directive in a nunnery (convent) ?

Lights out at nine, candles out at ten ...

My primary physician is really great

She's clinically acclaimed

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In primary everyone in the school saw my erection, it was so embarassing

So I pulled my pants up and drove home.

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