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  1. Did you hear the price of balloons is going to increase? I blame it on inflation. But on the positive side, sales are supposed to go up!
  2. Things are pretty bad right now Van Diesel was forced to change his name to Van Electric due to increasing gas prices.
  3. The shop I normally go to to blow up my balloons has increased their price by 50% That's inflation for you.
  4. With the increasing price and size of Iphones…… If you want to be an iPhone user in 10 years, you'll need to have deep pockets.
    ( first time here, I hope is not too bad)
  5. Why did the clown increase his prices for balloons he already filled with air? Because of inflation.
  6. Recently, I noticed the price at the air pumps has dramatically increased. Why is this? Inflation
  7. Celebrity Big Brother viewing figures have already increased by 800k since Katie Price entered the house. That's because all her ex's are now watching.
  8. Scientists have established a direct correlation between increased m**... usage among husbands and the price of eggs. They're both getting higher because not enough are getting laid

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  1. Feeling sick over increasing gas prices at the pump You could call it the car owner virus
  2. Plane tickets prices' are increasing By 2020, it'll be "sky high".

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Me: I can't believe it increased by 1500%.

Professor: I'm sick of hearing about BITCOIN! Nothing can increase by that much and still be a good investment.
Me: I was talking about the price of college tuition since 1980...

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In Maryland, two teenagers have won a marbles championship. The winning teens quickly said thank you, then boarded their time machine, to return to the year 1937.
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The Governor of Florida signed a law today making it legal to fire a warning shot at an attacker. The legalization of warning shots is important in Florida, because that's how people greet each other.
Starbucks is increasing the price of it drinks and bagged coffee. To protest the price hikes, customers vowed to boycott Starbucks, and go across the street — to a *different* Starbucks.