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America seems to have successfully prevented a second wave of corona

By keeping the first one going

Most gun duels in the old west could have been prevented.

If only the city planners had made towns big enough for everyone.

I prevented 2 rapes last night...

Self control.

Prevented joke, I prevented 2 rapes last night...

I used to think that a vasectomy prevented you from having a kid

Turns out it just changes the color (:

I prevented two girls from being abducted today.

My van wouldn't start.

I'm surprised so many people stand up against vaccinating their kids.

I thought the Polio would have prevented that.

I prevented a rape today.

I convinced her.

Prevented joke, I prevented a rape today.

I'd like to apologize to all my fellow Californians for the recent forest fires.

Apparently I'm the only one that could've prevented them.

Tianjin's disaster could have been prevented...

After all, the experts have warned us that China's population might explode.

I brought my girlfriend to watch one of my soccer matches. When an opponent was about to score a goal, she stormed the field and prevented it with her bare hands.

She's a keeper.

World War 1 could've been easily be prevented..

I mean, singing Take me out probably wasn't Franz Ferdinand's brightest idea.

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Yesterday I got dared to have surgery that prevented me from moving my neck...

There's no turning back now

I prevented several horrible crimes today.

Good old self-control.

I prevented a rape today

I gave my consent.

I prevented my best friend's suicide attempt today

It was Breaking Noose.

I once prevented the suicide of a man

Too bad he died when I pushed him off the edge of the building he was about to jump off.

Prevented joke, I once prevented the suicide of a man

There is something holy about every newborn child.

Especially if the parents prevented with condoms.

Why did the tourist visiting Mexico bring Prolax and pepper spray?

They prevented hispanic attacks

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