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So I took this girl back to my place. While making
out, things started getting hot and heavy....

I take my pants off and give her a look. Offended, she says, "Woah, woah... don't you think that's being a little presumptuous?" So I replied, "Presumptuous? That's a pretty big word for a 12 year old."

A guy is making out with a girl and things are going well...

When he thinks, "hey things are going my way quickly, so screw second base, I'm going for third."
He tries, but the girl backs off, and she says "wow, that's a little presumptuous don't you think?"
The man replies "Presumptuous? That's a pretty big word for an 8-year-old..."

So I brought this girl back to my place

and even after lying in bed for an hour, things weren't heating up at all. Finally, I got frustrated and asked her, "so are we going to have s**..., or what?"
She replied all annoyed and said, "s**...? Isn't that presumptuous?"
So I shot right back at her, "'Presumptuous?' That's a pretty big word for a 12 year old."

My son started calling me by my first name. I said, That's a bit presumptuous. Call me Dad.

He said, Now who's being presumptuous?

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