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  1. Hillary Clinton lost last time to the first African American president, Barack Obama. Why will she lose this one to Donald Trump? Because orange is the new black.
  2. So President Trump wants to abolish the two term limit on the Presidency. Welcome back President Obama we missed you.
  3. It's interesting how different a US president looks at the end of their presidency. Obama had gray hair. Bush had a bunch of wrinkles.. At the end of JFKs presidency, half of his head was missing.
  4. Dear President Obama, I've got a joke for you... I texted it to Angela Merkel. Did you... *get it*?
  5. The last four presidents of the USA each ran one mile. Trump made a time of 11:56
    Clinton was slightly faster, timing at 11:31
    Obama was very fast, he ran a 10:03
    But Bush did 9:11
  6. You know, people in the 1970s thought there would be a black president when pigs fly... Then barack obama was elected. And after a year, swine flu.
  7. Remember when President-Elect Trump said immigrants were going to take our jobs? It's all true! Just ask Michelle Obama!
  8. What do Barack Obama and Donald Trump have in common? Both are former presidents of the USA and both are harassed for the color of their skin.
  9. Neither President Obama nor President Trump has done anything for the people of Mississippi. For example, they still live there.
  10. I'm really glad that Obama won in 2008 and was able to be the first black president of the United States of America his back up job was to be the first white president of Kenya.

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President Obama One Liners

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  1. TRUMP IS NOT MY PRESIDENT Neither was Obama. Actually I live in India.
  2. Why did Obama get two terms as President? Because every black man gets a longer sentence.
  3. Why does Japan love Obama? He is first Barack president.
  4. Think what you will about Obama, But so far he's the best black president we've ever had.
  5. Who is a parrot's favorite President? BRAWK Obama!
    (I'm almost a dad; I can feel it.)
  6. According to some people, the US having a black president was an Obama-nation.
  7. Which President can play the harpsichord? Baroque Obama.
  8. What is President Obama's favorite genre of music? Barack 'n Roll.
    Ba dum tss.
  9. What would you call a famous president in the 17th century? Baroque Obama.
  10. What do you call a President who likes classical music? Baroque Obama
  11. Which president do parrots like best? Braaaaaaaaak Obama
  12. Former president hosts a Southern Rock party. Everyone is like Sweet home Obama .
  13. I think even Republicans can agree that Obama was the best black President ever.
  14. What do you call chapstick made by President Barack Obama A lip oBALMa
  15. you know obama is a bad president when

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A reporter asked Chris Rock who do you think would win the presidency?
He said quickly Obama.

When asked why, he replied, has anyone ran a race with a Kenyan and won?

Barack Obama was elected president of the USA because Chuck Norris said so.

He remind him of Trivette...

An airplane was about to c**....
There were 4 passengers on board but only 3 parachutes.
The 1st passenger said, "I am Stephen King , the best selling author of my time... My millions of fans need me , and i can't afford to die."
So he took the 1st pack and left the planernThe 2nd passenger , Barack Hussein Obama, said , "I am the 44th President of the United States, and I am the smartest President in American history , so my people don't want me to die."
He took the 2nd pack and jumped out of the plane.rnThe 3rd passenger, the Pope, said to the 4th passenger, a 10 year old schoolboy, "My son , I am old and don't have many years left, you have more years ahead so I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute."
The little boy said , "That's okay , Your Holiness, there's a parachute left for you. America's smartest President took my schoolbag."

At a Whitehouse party for past presidents.

Michelle Obama caught Barron Trump making faces at Sasha.
Michelle walked over to reprimand the child and said, "Barron, when I was a little girl, I was told if that I made ugly faces, it would freeze and I would stay like that."
Baron looked up and replied, "Well, Ms. Obama, you can't say you weren't warned."

Obama goes to an elementary school to talk to the kids...

Obama goes to an elementary school to talk to the kids to get a little PR. After his talk he offers question time. One little boy puts up
his hand and Obama asks him his name.
" Stanley ," responds the little boy.
"And what is your question, Stanley ?"
"I have 4 questions:
First, why did the USA Bomb Libya without the support of Congress?
Second, why are you President when John McCain got more votes?
Third, whatever happened to o**... Bin Laden?"
Fourth, why are we so worried about gay-marriage when 1/2 of all
Americans don't have health insurance?
Just then, the bell rings for recess. Obama informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess.
When they resume Obama says, "OK, where were we? Oh, that 's right: question time. Who has a question?"
Another little boy puts up his hand. Obama points him out and asks him his name.
"Steve," he responds.
"And what is your question, Steve?"
Actually, I have 6 questions.
First, why did the USA Bomb Libya without the support of Congress?
Second, why are you President when John McCain got more votes?
Third, whatever happened to o**... Bin Laden?
Fourth, why are we so worried about gay marriage when 1/2 of all
Americans don't have health insurance?
Fifth, why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early?
And sixth, what the f**k happened to Stanley?"

So Obama calls Romney....

And says, I got good news and bad news. Romney says "What is it?" Obama says "Well the good news is I think it's time for a m**... president." "That's great Barack! What's the bad news?" Obama chuckles and says "My baptism is next Sunday"

Obama has suspended fundraising

Postby Jack Flash » Sep 22 2012
10:12:03 am
In light of Mitt Romney's recent
statements to the press, Obama has
Obama has suspended fund raising

In light of Mitt Romney's recent statements to the press, President Obama has decided to let Mitt Romney do his campaigning for him.

Why would President Obama be a bad pizza delivery man?

Because he would never bring change! :P

The old Priest

In Washington, DC, an old Priest lay dying in the hospital. For years he had faithfully served the people of the nation's capital and was well known among the elected officials. He motioned for his Nurse to come near.
Yes, Father?" said the Nurse.
"I would really like to see President Obama and Senator Reid before I die," whispered the Priest.
"I'll see what I can do, Father," replied the Nurse.
The Nurse had the request sent to the President and Congress and all waited for a response.
Soon the word arrived; President Obama and Harry Reid would be delighted to visit the Priest.
As they went to the hospital, Obama commented to Reid, "I don't know why the old Priest wants to see us, but it will certainly help our images.
Reid agreed that it was a good thing.
When they arrived at the Priest's room, the Priest took Obama's hand in his right hand and Reid's hand in his left hand. There was silence and a look of serenity on the old Priest's face.
Finally President Obama spoke. "Father, of all the people you could have chosen, why did you choose us to be with you as you neared the end?"
The old Priest slowly replied, "I have always tried to pattern my life after our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."
"Amen," said Obama. "Amen," said Reid.
The old Priest continued, "Jesus died between two lying thieves; in fulfilling that consummate desire, I wanted to do the same."

The Russian President Vladimir Putin called Barack Obama with an emergency request

Mr President, we need help. Our largest c**... factory has exploded, the Russian President explained. My people now have no method of birth control! This is a true disaster!
Vladimir, said Obama, the American people would be happy to do anything within their power to help you.
We do need your help, said Putin.
Could you possibly send one million condoms to tide us over? No problem, I'm on it, said Obama.
Oh, and one more small favour, please? said Putin. Yes? said Obama.
Can you supply the condoms red in colour and at least ten inches long and four inches in diameter?
No problem, replied Obama, and with that, he hung up and called the CEO of Durex. I need a favour, you've got to make one million condoms right away and send them to Russia.
Consider it done, said the CEO of Durex.
Great! Now listen, they have to be red in colour, ten inches long and four inches wide.
Easily done. Anything else?
Yes, says Obama. Print 'MADE IN USA, SIZE MEDIUM' on each one.


How to rescue the economy:
Dear President Obama,
Patriotic retirement:
There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force;
pay them $1 million a piece severance with stipulations:
1) They leave their jobs. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed.
2) They buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed.
3) They either buy a house or pay off their mortgage- Housing Crisis fixed.
All this and it's still cheaper than the "bailout".

Obama goes on vacation to South Carolina and goes for an ocean swim...

And begins to drown! A young lifeguard swims out and rescues him, pulling him back to shore.
"Thank you so much for saving me young lady. Please, tell me what I can do to repay you."
"Aw shucks, I don't need nuthin', sir, it's just ma job!" She says.
"Listen, I'm the President of the United States, I can give you anything you want!"
She thinks for a moment and says "Well, I'd mighty like a plot at the Arlington National Cemetery if ya can do that fer me."
"Why does a young woman like you want a burial plot at the cemetery?"
"Because" she said, "When my friends and family find out what I just did they'll kill me!"

What do you call the president when he is rolling down a snowy hill?

An Obama-nable snowman

The House files articles of impeachment against President Obama

Meanwhile, at the White House, the President says: "Pass the popcorn"

A guy walks in to a restroom.....

and sees president Obama and president Putin at the u**... talking.
The guy: what are you talking about?
Obama: How we are going to start world war 3.
Putin: Our idea is that we kill 50.000 Ukrainians and an it-consultant.
The guy: why an it-consultant?
Putin says to Obama.
Ha, told you no one would care about the Ukrainians!

Barack Obama walks into a Halloween Party with the First Lady on his shoulders...

...the doorman says, "Excuse me Mr. President, but this is a Halloween party. Why aren't you dressed up?" Obama says, "I am dressed up! I'm a snail. I got Michelle on my back."

Obama wakes up on a snowy morning at the White House and looks out the window see someone has peed "OBAMA s**..." in the snow. He asks the secret service to investigate. They come back and say, "sir we have bad news and worse news. The bad news is, Biden did it."
"What's worse than that?!" Says the president.
"Well sir, the worse news is, it was Michelle's handwriting."

Topical Jokes for 11/2

(for best results, read in the voice of your favorite late night host)
In Alabama, a man who robbed a Subway said he did so because he tried the Subway Diet , but didn't lose weight. Police describe the suspect as armed and extremely gullible.
In New York City, a health department worker was suspended for using a robotic-sounding voice when answering the phone. During the man's suspension, his phone will be answered by an actual robot.
A Maryland man has been charged with sending an email that threatened to kill President Obama. Obama said it was the nicest email he's gotten in months.
In Texas, a man called the police after a woman broke into his home, and performed o**... s**... on him without his consent. Police arrived on the scene, and the man was arrested.

This week President Obama became the first president to get a life-size 3D-printed portrait done.

It looked so real that Joe Biden argued with it for 20 minutes that Peeta is better than Gale.

Biden then realized his mistake, . . . and admitted Gale is the clear choice.

An airplane is about to c**... with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and old man and a young boy...

Unfortunately there were only 3 parachutes left for the 4 of them.
Barack Obama said I am the president of the United States, and I have a great responsibility, being the leader of nearly 300 million people, and a superpower! So he takes the 1st parachute, and jumps out of the plane.
Hillary Clinton, said I am the future first female President of the United States and I am the smartest woman in the world. So she takes the 2nd parachute and exits the plane.
The old man kneels down to the young boy and says, "I am old and frail and I've lived many years, you take the last parachute."
The young boy responds, It's ok! We have enough parachutes. The world's smartest woman jumped out of the airplane with my backpack.

An airplane was about to c**... with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, an old man and a young boy...

Unfortunately there were only 3 parachutes left for the 4 of them.
Barack Obama said I am the president of the United States, and I have a great responsibility, being the leader of nearly 300 million people, and a superpower! So he takes the 1st parachute, and jumps out of the plane.
Hillary Clinton, said I am the future first female President of the United States and I am the smartest woman in the world. So she takes the 2nd parachute and exits the plane.
The old man kneels down to the young boy and says, "I am old and frail and I've lived many years, you take the last parachute."
The young boy responds, It's ok! We have enough parachutes. The world's smartest woman jumped out of the airplane with my backpack.

How many p**... it takes to satisfy president Obama?

One, his own.

President Obama visits the Pentagon...

President Obama visits the Pentagon to test out the latest in military technology.
A scientist says to him "We have two projects that we are very proud of. One is a powered exoskeleton and the other is an invisibility cloak. Which would you like to try first?"
Obama replies, "Uh, let me be clear."

Obama, Biden, and Clinton sit in a plane..

Obama looks out the window and says to the other two, "Ive been thinking. I wish I could do more to help these people; they deserve so much!"
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a $100 bill. He says, "If I drop this out the window, I can make somebody really happy!"
Biden clears his t**... and says, "Excuse me Mr. President, but I can do you one better." He pulls out ten $10 bills and continues, "I can drop ten of these out the window and make ten people really happy!"
Clinton clears her t**... and says, "I can top both of you!" She pulls out of her purse one hundred $1 bills. "I can drop one hundred of these and make one hundred people really happy!"
At this point the pilot comes out of the cabinet and laughs. At the inquiring looks of Obama, Biden, and Clinton he says, "I can top all of you! I can c**... this plane and make millions of people happy!"

Is President Obama white?

No, he's Barack!

President Obama has a meeting with the President of China to discuss debt...

President Obama has a meeting with Xi Jinping to discuss the debt the US owes to China. He arrives at the Chinese presidential mansion with Joe Biden, but they find there is work going on in the garden and lots of mud everywhere. So they have to roll up their trouser legs and step carefully to enter.
They sit down to wait for President Xi, but Biden notices they still have their trousers rolled up. So he whispers: "Mr. President, take down your trousers."
Obama looks horrified. "We owe him THAT MUCH!!!"

Everyone should support President Obama

and her husband Barack

The president visits a military base

He asks a solider stationed there what vehicles he's looking at. The Solider replies "Tanks Obama"

What do you call it when President Obama

What do you call it when President Obama and Joe Biden talk shop over a nice dinner?
A government man-date.
Boom. I'll be here all night.

Do you know what the President said to Michelle when he proposed?

I don't wanna be Obama self.

Obama is the first president to visit a federal prison.

Hes also the first black man to be let OUT of a federal prison

What does President Obama say when he plays TF2


President Obama to rename the White House

Did you hear about the commemorative gun they're making in honor of the democrat party and president Obama?

It's called the union worker
You'll over pay
It never works
And you can't fire it

You don't hear much from our Vice President....

Obama zipped him up and he's a-biden.

Barrack Obama won the Olympic Gold Medal

Usain Bolt was running for President

My friend said Obama is the coolest president ever...

... Nah, Zachary Taylor was the illest.

The Saudi Ambassador to the UN has just finished giving a speech

and walks out into the lobby where he meets President Obama. They shake hands and as they walk the Saudi says, "You know, I have just one question about what I have seen in America."
President Obama says "Well your Excellency, anything I can do to help you, I will do."
The Saudi whispers "My son watches this show 'Star Trek' and in it there are Russians, and b**..., and Asians, but never any Arabs. He is very upset. He doesn't understand why there are never any Arabs in Star Trek."
President Obama laughs and leans toward the Saudi. "It's because it takes place in the future..."

Obama went on a run

and fell in a river.
three young boys pulled him out of the river. Obama said my god, you saved the president of your country. name any one thing you want and you'll have it.
The first boy said he wanted a house for his mother, they'd never had a house. Obama bought it.
The second boy wanted to go to Disney world. Obama made it so.
The third boy asked for a wheelchair. Perplexed, Obama said "Why do you need a wheel chair, you seem to walk fine".
The young boy replied "well now, sure. but wait until my dad finds out i saved your life."

President Obama announces his intention to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court

"I can't wait until I'm in a position to have a real impact on the country!" said an excited Obama.

Roses are red, violets are blue...

Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows EXACTLY what he's doing. Barack Obama is undertaking a systematic effort to change this country, to make America more like the rest of the world.

That's why he passed Obamacare and the stimulus and Dodd-Frank and the deal with Iran. It is a systematic effort to change America. When I'm president of the United States, we are going to re-embrace all the things that made America the greatest nation in the world and we are going to leave our children with what they deserve: the single greatest nation in the history of the world.

President Obama is going to cuba...

to close the prison at Guantanamo bay

There's a special running course around the White House.

Every president does this before they leave office, and records their times in a special book dating back to the early 19th century. Obama recently completed it, knowing he had to get it done before January. He did 9:25 and was quite pleased with it. He wondered if he had set the record, but then he found out that Bush did 9:11.

The presidential footrace

Recently, Obama completed the annual race around the White House grounds to attempt to beat the previous president's record. After his stunning performance, he ended up with a time of 9:52, narrowly missing the record. Unfortunately, he soon learned that Bush did 9:11.

President Obama states he stands with Hillary.

"So do I." Bill states sadly under his breath.

If Trump replaces Obama as president,

Then it will be the first time a white billionaire moves into government subsidized housing after a black family moved out.

What is noisy, ignorant, angry, never uses big words, does not have big hands, and is running for the President of the United States?

A dog chasing Obama's limousine, what else?

It took Michelle Obama two presidencies to get kids outside...

and Nintendo two days.

Obama looks 40 years older at the end of his presidency.

Trump looks 40 years younger at the end of his presidency.

President Obama answered questions on YouTube recently. He was asked 7,500 times about legalizing m**....

And that was just from Chad in Portland.

What was the General's answer...

to the President's inquiry, as to what military division has been most under appreciated during his term?
"Tanks, Obama."

Does Obama have the authority to give away the Internet?

When asked to comment, President Obama responded "Yes, ICANN"

Did you read my mother's retraction of her support of the president over his hyper critical aide's tantrum at the Hindu temple?

It was my mama's Obama's trauma llama Brahma drama reclama.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here's a joke from 2008.

What will happen if Hillary Clinton becomes president?
She will file for divorce.
And what will happen if Barack Obama becomes president?
He'll have the White House repainted.

I'm going as president Obama for Halloween this year.

I'll tell you you're getting different candy, but it will be the same candy from last year.

We are making history!

Obama was our first black president, and next year we will either have our first female president or first orange president.

If Trump becomes president, I would really like to see how Republicans are going to defend him for doing the same thing Obama did:


The date is 20 January 2017.

The date is 20 January 2017. Donald Trump has just been sworn in as President. He walks to the mic for his inauguration speech. He looks at Obama and says "You're Fired"

Honestly, I'm just amazed he managed to pull it off.

When he first ran for president, nobody thought he could do it. When he started gaining in the polls, we all "knew" how it would end. But he showed us we were all wrong.
Congratulations to Barack Obama going eight years without being shot.

Was President Obama as good in the Oval Office as was President Clinton?

I would say close, but no cigar.

"Mr. Obama, how exactly does someone impeach a president?" "The american people have made their decision. To suggest we impeach a president before he's had a chance is an outrage! Regardless of your opinions and the flawed system we're under the election was held fair and square...

...Now would you *please* stop asking that, Mr. Trump?"

President Obama is doubling down on fighting global warming

He's already sent three battalions of Marines to invade the Sun.

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are running for president in 2020

It's black and white

Fidel Castro and 11 Presidents

Fidel Castro survived 11
Presidents of the United States
-GW Bush
But he couldn't take 15 days of Trump

Obama proved a black man can even be president..

And that no matter how high up a black man gets he can't get out of government housing!

Obama's announcement

Today, President Obama announced that, after January 20th, the official title of "U.S. Government" will be changed to include quotation marks around Government.

Obama's no longer President

January 21,2017 an old man walks up to White House gate and tells security guard: "I want to see President Obama."
Very patiently the guard says: "He's not President anymore." The old man quietly walks away.
January 22 same old man walks up to the gate and says: "I want to see President Obama."
Same guard says: "He's not President anymore." The old man quietly walks away.
January 23 same old man walks up to the gate and says: "I want to see President Obama."
Angrily the guard says: "I told you the last two days that he's not President anymore."
The old man turns away and quietly says: "I just like hearing you say it."

Obama was the first left handed president...

Obama was the first left handed president to be black

Did you hear they're minting a commemorative coin for President Obama?

Now there's some change I can believe in!

The fact that president Obama needs four inches of bullet proof glass at every public speaking event, is proof that racism is still alive

Just because he's black doesn't mean he's going to shoot everyone.

Just last week a smiling Barack Obama overpaid for hot dogs at my stand, but kindly insisted I "keep the change, son, I don't want it"

It was at this moment I realized how far our beloved president had truly fallen.

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