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In the middle of the battle, I decided to use a knife to preserve my ammo.

All the other paintball players started freaking out though.

I stabbed the opponent with my knife to preserve ammo

The paintball arena staff threw me out for some reason.

A Vietnamese American woman, Christine Nguyen, wanted to preserve her surname.

Christine Nguyen, wanted to keep her surname after marriage, so she resolved to not take on the surname of the man she married, or change her name to a double barrel name that included her family's name.

Luckily, the man she ended up marrying was also Vietnamese American too, who just happened to have the same surname: Nguyen.

It was a win-win situation.

Preserve joke, A Vietnamese American woman, Christine Nguyen, wanted to preserve her surname.

You know when people muddle berries and preserve them with sugar?

That's my jam.

How do Orcs of Mordor preserve their meat?

They use Sauron wrap

Ancient Egyptians who worked to preserve the Pharaoh for the afterlife are known for having being very good businessmen. In fact, they even invented what we know today as the "return policy."

It was know back then as the "mummy back guarantee..."

Why was the white biologist considered racist?

Because he wanted to preserve his culture

Preserve joke, Why was the white biologist considered racist?

What do you call a panda preserve?

A soon-to-be Jurassic Park.

NPR recently did an interview with on one of the key lobbyists trying to preserve the penny.

He described himself as an agent of change in Washington.

What was the first thought of the person who created jam/jelly?

I need to preserve my legacy

What do you use to preserve the freshness of genes?


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