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When I was a teen, my dad showed me a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation on why one should always wear a condom during sex.

All the slides were just pictures of me.

The Orinthologist

An orinthologist comes to give a presentation. He settles in, and says, "Good afternoon. I'm glad you all could make it. Today we will be discussing the mating habits of the tufted titmouse."

The only Indian man in the room stands up from his seat, his hand raised, and says, "Open bob?"

The next time your boss asks you to start your presentation with a joke...

...attach your payslip on the first slide.

Presentation joke, 
The next time your boss asks you to start your presentation with a joke...

Anyone know a good joke about cigarettes and ethics?

I'm doing a presentation about the subject and I would love to throw in some humor, but I can't think of anything that is quick and simple. Any jokes you can loan me? =P

Thanks for reading/posting.

In need of an eye-related joke.

I'm about to be doing a presentation for a bunch of 5th graders. The subject is eyes, and I'm wanting to end it with some kind of eye-related joke as they're walking away. It needs to make sense in context and be appropriate. Anyone have any ideas?

I took a public speaking class in college.

I did a presentation about Free Speech. It was mostly just about the website where I downloaded my speech.

Last night was the third time a girl walked out midway a date.

Something's still wrong in my PowerPoint presentation.

Presentation joke, Last night was the third time a girl walked out midway a date.

(Joke Request) A joke about penicillin

I'm looking for a joke about penicillin to start off a presentation on a light note anything PG will be appreciated :)

I just went to see a presentation by a very charismatic frog.

He was riveting.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I typed the letter "y"...

...when I had to type "analytics" into the search bar during a presentation at work.

Help with telegraph/Morse code joke

I am doing a presentation on the Telegraph and my teacher is a sucker for a good joke/pun. Any help?

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A company hire an efficiency expert as a consultant.

To everyone's surprise, the presentation was very interesting. For once many felt like this was a valuable use of time! as the presenter finished up, he said, "I hope you have found use in my presentation today, but I would warn you, be careful about using these techniques at home. The other night I was watching as my wife did the dinner dishes, and noticed some inefficiency in her technique. Wanting to be helpful, I advised her of several small improvements that could add up to maximum efficiency."
One of the attendees raised their hand,"Did it work? Did the dishwashing become more efficient?"
"Oh yes," the consultant replied,"before my advice, my wife took 18 minutes to finish the dishes, now I do it in 12."

A woman came into our work yesterday to give us all a talk about sexual harassment in the work place.

A woman came into our work yesterday to give us all a talk about sexual harassment in the work place. After the presentation she asked, "Has anyone got any questions?"
I put my hand up and asked, "What colour knickers have you got on?"

I created a presentation on my computer but didn't use password protection...

Now it has visual aids.

Office Presentation

The boss wanted to start my presentation with a joke....
So I added a picture of my salary.

Today I had to make an NSFW presentation at work...

'Mandatory Safety Procedures at Construction Site for Workers'.

Presentation joke, Today I had to make an NSFW presentation at work...

What's the best way to start an underwear presentation?

Start with a brief introduction.

On my way for the latest Porsche presentation..

the airport officials requested the purpose of my flight.
I wrote down "I'm here for the newest 911".
Best regards from Guantanamo.

Someone used a cane to point out stuff instead of a laser pointer during a presentation today.

He asked for feedback on his presentation.

I said it was fantastick

A quick laugh from work

What do you call it when Kelsey Grammer is giving a PowerPoint presentation?

Slideshow Bob

Need a joke about a refrigerator for work

I work in a refrigerator manufacturing plant and am giving a presentation next week. I would like to start out the presentation with a joke to lighten the mood. Anyone have any short, clean jokes about refrigerators?

A local minister gave a presentation on cocaine the other day

It was really hard to understand him.

For a school presentation, I hacked into the school server.

The teacher gave me a C++.

My boss told me to make a PowerPoint presentation about water parks.

There's loads of slides.

"Now, I know what you're thinking..."

Said the mind-reader, giving a presentation

My boss gave me a pep talk before my presentation and told me not to worry about being charming, witty, or intelligent.

He told me to just be myself.

People always say that when you're nervous while giving a presentation to picture the audience in their underwear

I'll never look at my grandparents the same ever again

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovahs Witnesses: Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior?

Me: Of course! please come in!

[door slams shut and locks, lights dim, PowerPoint presentation begins]]

Me: But first I wanna tell you about a timeshare opportunity!!!

I made a school presentation about candles

It was lit

I had to do a presentation about geography and it was my turn so my friend said


Why did the thievery presentation have to buy new chairs?

Everyone attending took a seat

Why was the NRA presentation not well received?

It had too many bullet points.

Why did the PowerPoint presentation cross the road?

To get to the other slide

What medication does a snake take before giving a presentation?

An antihissstamine.

"Hey, how the presentation went? Did they ask you any questions?"

"Nah, no FAQs were given."

My dad showed me a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation on why people should wear a condom during sex

All the pictures were of me

We were doing presentations on punctuation

And our teacher asked if any of us have period

I need to make a presentation for school. It'll be about how some women get madder than some men, or the other way around.

It'll be called "The Gender Rage Gap"

Thank you #MeToo for helping me find my voice

When I needed a topic for the presentation I forgot to do.

I need to make a presentation about why Switzerland is the best country in the world.

There are many downsides.

But their flag is a big plus.

I remember having a dry ice presentation in middle school.

It was sublime.

My father once gave me a Powerpoint presentation on the importance of wearing a condom

Not only there were pictures of me, but also some pictures of 2 other kids...

How good was PowerPoint in the presentation?

He was EXCELlent

A 3rd grader was giving a presentation on the planets. He got stumped and whispered to his Dad 'What's this one?' Father says 'Uranus.'

The kid looks proudly to the class and says 'This is my anus.'

My dad showed me a 30 minutes PowerPoint presentation that why condom should be used during sex.

All slides had pictures of me.

The Economy of fiber optics

ThereΒ΄s a presentation on Crypto mining on stage.

Presenter: In 15 minutes minutes we have mined, an incredible 10 bucks in gold.

Audience member Shouts: ThereΒ΄s more gold in Fiber optics than that.

My dad showed me a 30 slide PowerPoint presentation on safe sex and benefits of condoms...

All the slides were pictures of me and my brother.

When I became a teenager, my father gave me a 30 minute Power Point Presentation on the dangers of having unprotected sex.

All the slides were just pictures of me.

Don't let this election distract you...

From the fact that Slytherin blew a 472 to 312 point lead to Gryffindor for the House Cup during the trophy presentation ceremony at Hogwarts back in 1992.

My dad just gave me a 30 minute Power Point Presentation on why to use condoms during sex.

All the slides were just pictures of me.

My boss was giving a presentation and no one was asking questions

So my boss says:
The person who asks the first question will get a raise, the second will get a promotion, and the third will get a million dollar

So I raised my hand and said I have three questions

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