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I almost had sex with a Hawaiian...

But I ended up prematurely evacuating.

What do you call a prematurely born Chinese baby?

Sudden Lee

I'll ride you like the Titanic

End prematurely and sea men going everywhere

Prematurely joke, I'll ride you like the Titanic

A baby boy born without eyelids...

Recently at a baby boy was born prematurely without eyelids. The doctors decided to take him off to surgery and circumcise him and use the skin removed to make new eyelids.

The surgery went great except he came out a little cocked eyed...

I was born ready

but not my brother, he was born prematurely

My previous relationship was like a presidential term.

It aged me prematurely and my replacement was elected two months before I was officially out of office!

Kim Jong-Un comes like his missiles.


Prematurely joke, Kim Jong-Un comes like his missiles.

My New Year's resolution for 2019 is to not do things prematurely.

So far it's going well.

Americans celebrate so prematurely

364 days until Christmas and they already have their decorations up.

Look on the bright side if you are a nice guy, you might finish last...

But at least it's not prematurely

Did you hear about the gun that was admitted to the Emergency Room at the hospital?

Everyone freaked out when it was prematurely discharged

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Two Asian parents gave birth to a child 2 months prematurely.

They named him,"Sudden Lee"

What was the terrorist's pick up line?

'hey babe, I've got a large pipe bomb and I never pre-maturely detonate."

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