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why would you be a suicide bomber...

And wait for the 72 virgins in heaven... When you could become a catholic preist and have them now!

Source: Jimmy Carr

Bad girl!

She: I am sorry daddy, I have been a bad girl

Preist: For the last time! It's "Forgive me father for I have sinned"!!

Two preists are out for a drive when suddenly...

...they are pulled over by a police officer.

The officer says, "We are looking for two child molesters in the area."

The two priests calmly and quietly discuss something for a few moments.

Finally, one of the priests turns to the officer and says, "Okay, we'll do it."

Preist joke, Two preists are out for a drive when suddenly...

A teenager girl goes for confession and tells the preist that she's pregnant with the second coming.

Naturally, the priest is furious at the implied blasphemy.

"How dare you? That's blasphemy. Explain yourself. How do you know you're pregnant with the second coming?" he thundered.

I... I... I.. I swallowed the first.

A drunk man runs into a Priest

A drunk man stumbles out a bar and walks straight into a Preist. The man sees his chance and says "Look Father! I'm Jesus Christ!"

The Preist tells him he isn't but the man is adament to show the Priest, so he takes the Preist im and walks upvto the bar.

The bartender says "Jesus Christ, what do you want now?"

Did You Hear About The Preist That Was A Fish?

Holy Carp! There he is

U know why Christians call the preist 'Father' ?

Cuz calling them Daddy would be too suspicious.

Preist joke, U know why Christians call the preist 'Father' ?

A preist, a paedophile, a tax evader and a rapist walk into a bar.

He orders a drink.

A Rabbi, a Preist, and a Monk walk into a bar

The Rabbi orders a drink and says, I'm sick of hearing the same old jokes about us recycled over and over again to which the Priest replies, I completely agree! The template is just dragged out and overused. I'd like to see someone try to make a joke about the three of us in a bar that is new. The monk sits back for a moment and then says how about this one?

The wish.

One day, a married couple walked into a temple. The preist said "today is a fortunate day for praying, you both pray to god and ask a wish each and it will be granted"
The Wife prays "God, I hope me and my husband stay together for 7 lives"
Husband after listening this, prays "God, may this be the seventh life of us staying together".

What's the difference between a zit and a preist?

A zit waits untill youre 12 to come on your face

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A preist and a rabbi

Are out drinking together and the preist says " lets get some alter boys to screw." and the rabbi says "out of what? "

In what state do you watch a preist sneeze then sit down?


a rabbi, a preist & a monk walk into a bar

and the bartender say's ''not these guys again''.

Two priests in a car...

When they come upon a traffic jam, after a couple minutes of waiting they finally get to the front of the jam where there are two police officers directing traffic.

"Hello Officers, What's wrong?" the first preist said

"Were looking for two pedophiles"

"Oh we'll do it!"

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